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Sudhakar Profile Systems offers three major profile systems for uPVC windows and doors

Sudhakar Profile Systems offers three major profile systems for uPVC windows and doors

We at Sudhakar are making sustainable product for the future. Our uPVC windows and doors are efficient and durable.

Sudhakar Group as you know is a 50-year conglomerate with diversified product range manufacturing pipes and fittings, wires and cables and uPVC profiles for windows and doors. Quality and trust have always been our primary pillars since the very inception of our business from 1971. Continuing that legacy, we then launched uPVC profiles business unit in 2017 and ever since we are one of the fastest growing brands in India for uPVC windows and doors profiles.

Our uPVC profiles are made to suit all weather conditions, especially the Indian tropical conditions very well. We use high quality raw materials in our profiles to ensure they last long, without discoloration. Additionally, our installation and service quality is definitely also hassle free. We lay equal impetus on our after sales service and customer support. Our profiles are lead free and environmental free, we follow eco-friendly manufacturing procedures and as you know uPVC as a material is recyclable.

Sudhakar Profile Systems has three major profile systems for uPVC windows and doors, namely Sliding, Casement and Auxiliary. Sliding profiles come with heavy duty window sash sections with 68mm and heavy-duty door sash with 88mm, in 2, 2.5 and 3 track outer frames. Casement profiles are of 3 chamber systems with 60mm construction depth. We also offer a premium colour range in our profiles which are laminated, wooden textured and UV resistant.

We also offer customized windows and doors as per the customer requirements. Sudhakar’s wide range of profile systems enables us to come up with multiple combinations. In today’s scenario there is hefty competition amongst the brands to stand out as the best. Our profiles are extruded using European Technology and hi-tech
machineries, our profiles are specially made to suit the Indian weather conditions very well to avoid discoloration in long run.

We make use of European Technology in Sudhakar profiles extrusion. We have a strong team working tirelessly. Quality team ensures that every batch is strictly adhered to the quality standards; likewise, the R&D and application development team is continuously developing solutions for newer fenestration requirements. Our emphasis on quality helps customers recognize the brand in accordance with the quality associated with it. We too strive hard to service our customers in the best possible ways. Our products are manufactured in adherence to top most international quality standards both in terms of manufacturing processes and product specifications. And over time we will be doing brand campaigns for the end customer to understand the same. I must add that our team is not only involved in selling the product but sharing more of the product knowledge and educating customers. We are a system provider for every customer’s needs. The ease of reaching us directly through different mediums has given the advantage to be in touch with the product users.

For more information visit : www.sudhakarind.com


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