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Innovative and Energy Efficient Mobility Solutions for Airports

Manish Mehan speaks on the sustainable mobility solutions for airports How do elevators and escalators help in effective management of passengers in an airport? As air traffic and passenger volume increases, smart and energy efficient elevators are more important than ever to ensure efficient, dependable and energy-saving airport mobility at international and local airports around […]

Union Budget 2024 for infrastructure advancement

In airports, dedicated areas require specific lighting solutions

Aryaman Jain, CEO of Innovative Lighting Designs Limited (ILDL), speaks about the effects of lighting on our health and the essentials of infrastructural lighting. How does lighting affect our health and well-being? Lighting impacts our circadian rhythms and the serotonin and melatonin levels in our body that govern our sleep patterns, moods and behaviour, productivity, […]

Union Budget 2024 for infrastructure advancement

CESC Park Circus Distribution Station becomes the first substation in India

CESC Limited, Kolkata, Distribution Station, located at Park Circus, has become the first such station in India to achieve Gold Certification under LEED V4.1 EB OM. It is also the first substation in India to be LEED-certified in any way. GBCI is India’s foremost authority on sustainability in building design, construction, and operation and is […]

Union Budget 2024 for infrastructure advancement

NIC Honestly Natural Ice Cream opens an experiential outlet in Bandra

NIC Honestly Natural Ice Cream, the fastest-growing ice cream brand in the country after having established itself as one of the most popular brands in India has now achieved another milestone by opening a new experiential outlet in Bandra to give a unique customer experience. Customer experience has evolved now. People are coming up with […]

Union Budget 2024 for infrastructure advancement