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A New year message from PSP

A New year message from PSP

First of all, I want to wish a happy and prosperous new year 2023 to all readers of this magazine. I hope this year will bring prosperity and good health to all.

The danger of COVID is again rising in some parts of the world, and on the edge of globalisation, we must follow all government guidelines to avoid it. Our anti-bacterial and anti-fungal uPVC profiles are the most efficient way to save you and your family from this virus. I hope we can place this product correctly on the market. We have achieved a milestone this year, and our company has become limited. Soon, we will list our company on the stock exchange. As a limited company, our responsibilities to it grow. We aim to make PSP Dynamic Limited a renowned global company in the field of uPVC profiles and wires.

New Year, New Hopes, and Team PSP are ready for this year’s new challenges.We always focus on our customers’ needs and provide them with the best solution within their budget. We know our corporate social responsibility (CSR) and closely watch environmental change. Our UV-resistant uPVC profiles are the answer to this.

We have made our plans for this year, and we stick to quality with consistency. We are not only focusing on our existing products like uPVC profiles, uPVC doors and windows, aluminium doors and windows and windows, aluminium doors and windows, and green electric wire and cables, but we are also coming out with 2 to 3 new products this year, in 2023. We are planning to double our existing production capacity in the year 2023, and for this, we have a concrete expansion plan for our plant and machinery. We are already constructing a new massive building for the same. For our quality products, we have a state-of-the-art production unit in the Old Industrial area of the historic city of Alwar. City Alwar is located near the Delhi NCR area in Rajasthan, and its connectivity with all over India is excellent. It is also going to connect with the upcoming Delhi-Mumbai expressway. Our machinery and technology are highly efficient and the latest to produce the best quality product with consistency. We have made our name as per our motto, “Quality Speaks,” in the market, and the brand PSP is known for its quality product among customers.

This year, we anticipate growth and prosperity for our channel partners and associates. We have devised new promotional and lucrative schemes called “Profile Becho Videsh Ghomo” and “Duniya Ghomo PSP Ke Sang.” We always focus on our associates and make plans with their interests in mind. We all focus on achieving new heights and want to set a benchmark for others to perform with our associates.

PSP has always been a hub for talents from all over the region to join and be a part of one of the most potential companies in the field of uPVC profiles, doors and windows, and wire and cable manufacturing in India. Through our vision and determination, we can generate a sustainable relationship with our clients. Our value and vision of a real-time story put our company at the forefront of setting new benchmarks and raising the standard to a new premium level.

Our Wires & Cables division is growing daily, and we have a full-year marketing plan to place our green wire and cable product in the market. We produce wire with the latest technology and finegrade raw materials to ensure the best quality. Today we have a full range in this segment, and we leave our mark in 2022 and are ready to write a success story in this year, 2023. Once again, I wish all of you a Happy New Year 2023 and will close my words with a quote: “Quality is not expensive; it’s priceless.”


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