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Full-proof and durable performance with sustainable concrete

Full-proof and durable performance with sustainable concrete

A sharp rise in internet penetration makes people well-connected worldwide, making the world a global village.

People’s approach to building and elevation design has changed a lot. A topical surge has been observed towards accommodating renewable energy solutions and global elevation designs. Everyone wants to create unique designs and tries to find innovative ideas to start new trends of making buildings green with unique design and elevation ideas in India. No one wants to replicate or copy another’s design; everyone tries to make their unique signature designs in India.

A sharp rise in internet penetration makes people well-connected worldwide, making the world a global village. This also increases awareness and confidence towards accommodating bold solutions to make the structure ecofriendly with global looks. Although solutions are being designed considering the project’s scale, proportion, and materiality, design uniqueness, appeal, stability, strength, and capability to withstand the adverse effects of natural forces need to be kept in mind.

To design contemporary designs and green solutions, architects and engineers agree on the trend of asymmetrical hierarchy to provide fresh air and natural light with renewable energy solutions and a new, unique, welcoming look. With the use of multiple materials like wood, stone, steel, glass installations, ACP sheets, etc., these asymmetrical designs are emerging very quickly in Indian markets.

Installing multiple materials like composite panels, concrete, bricks and blocks, stone, steel, wood, polycarbonate sheets, ACP sheets, etc., for aesthetics and to accommodate green building solutions like solar heaters, solar power systems on rooftops, multiple ducts for natural air circulation, vents for natural lighting, etc., are creating new challenges for construction agencies.

Due to the non-availability of suitable adhesives in the current market, which provides the same kind of adhesion to multiple surfaces with protective and durable performance, construction agencies are forced to apply traditional solutions that cannot withstand 1 to 2 monsoons. This creates water leakage and dampness issues in the structure and living space. Thus, water infiltration issues in many buildings and villas are observed after 1 or 2 monsoons. This damages the building’s aesthetics and directly impacts the reputation of the builder or construction agency.

End users directly link these issues with poor workmanship or the poor quality of the material being used without knowing the actual reason for water infiltration, i.e., the non-availability of a proper solution and the poor adhesion of existing available chemicals to the variety of materials required to install as proposed in the design. If it fails, rework on water leakage issues also impacts project profitability and the reputation of the construction agency. Hence, it is essential to identify the expected water ingress avenues in the building structure.

In the past, we also struggled to find a solution that provided 100 percent waterproofing on multi-surface joints with long-lasting, durable service for our clients. We found Elephant Shield Liquid Rubber (ESLR), a Canadian technology product, as a standard solution for all such issues. ESLR is a unique product we have applied in our projects as it provides the same level of adhesion on different surfaces with an easy application (no technical expertise is required) and offers long-lasting performance over a while. You can apply any water-based colours on top of it to match the design aesthetics.

After applying ESLR, we never encountered water leakage issues at sites for the last 3–4 monsoons. This also allows us to freely deploy almost all kinds of materials in our projects as proposed by designers, with a reliable seal against water ingress inside the building and living area. This also enables us to implement contemporary green building designs with foolproof and long-lasting durability. I’m happy to share with all my friends who keep quality and customer satisfaction on top of cost.




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