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A product like this entails a considerable investment of time, energy and money

A product like this entails a considerable investment of time, energy and money

After months of planning, brainstorming, innovation and seamless collaboration, we feel extremely proud to unveil the world’s largest  elevator at the Jio World Centre in BKC, says Amit Gossain, Managing Director, KONE elevators.

Amit Gossain reasserts the fact that elevators and escalators are not mere machines, they play an important role in the flow of people.

Can you tell us about the world’s largest elevator KONE has installed at the Jio World Centre in BKC, Mumbai?

We were tasked with the job of building the world’s largest passenger elevator at the Jio World Centre, BKC, Mumbai. What ensued was months of planning, brainstorming, innovation, collaboration, and a zillion cups of coffee. The team also collaborated with some accomplished engineering minds at KONE global teams to ensure the best possible result. Suffice to say, the team worked extra hard to plan and execute this world-class project on time. The outcome was an engineering marvel! This 16 Ton marvel is supported by 18 pulleys and 9 ropes for safety. The rope system by itself is innovative with pulley beams. The entire structural shaft moves on rails fixed over steel columns.

The hoisting machine is the KONE EcosDisk® MX100 Heavy duty – making it not just super strong and durable but also energy saving. The elevator is fitted with KONE E-Link™ – a comprehensive facility management tool feature that makes it possible to remotely monitor the elevator. A lot has gone on behind the scenes and definitely into the elevator to make it a safe and seamless ride for its passengers. Now let’s talk about the elevator itself. At 25.78 sq meters this record-breaking elevator is as big as a room! It has a unique 4-panel centre opening door and glass walls offering an all-round scenic view. There are two info screens that offer building news and updates. The interior design matches the lotus theme that’s central to the Jio World Centre décor. An ornate crystal studded light forms the centerpiece of this immensely elegant elevator. The end-result is a product that is a perfect blend of engineering, art and architecture!

Apart from hospitality spaces, do you feel the 16 Ton, 5-Stop Elevator can be a boon for railways and metros, especially in peak hours?

Definitely but a product like this entails a considerable investment of time, energy and money. So a budget is necessary. Elegance and safety too is a core issue in a product of this scale. In fact, it will make the flow of people flow much easier in crowded spaces. Having said that, the capacity of people this elevator can manage, one would have to wait for the elevator to fill up hence there will be some waiting time. Moreover, in metro stations which usually extend upto two or three levels, escalators usually tend to be beneficial. But yes the elevator can come in very handy.

Apart from hospitality spaces, where will this product prove to be useful?

This product is based on customer requirements and is made to order. It will prove to be beneficial in large convention centres and theatres. Like for e.g here at the Jio Convention Centre, the requirement was to have the best people flow and avoid lodges and bottle necks. It was also to ensure that people are not stuck in queues and the elevator ride is smooth, comfortable and safe.

What has been the role of elevators and escalators in designing a multimodal framework?

Elevators and escalators play an important role in the flow of people. This flow is managed efficiently with the help of strategically placed escalators, travelators and elevators. If you take Rajiv Chowk Metro in Delhi as an example, thousands of people utilise the metro station every day. It is one of the busiest metros in the city. In such cases you need a lot of escalators and elevators to manage the flow of people. KONE has played a crucial role there in designing the flow of people. In the beginning, one might have noticed that the metro station led to crowding of the surrounding public areas but now thanks to efficient design strategy that is not the case. Hence we say we are not only an elevator/escalator company but we are also a people flow company.

Unlike private residences, how can we maintain elevators in public infrastructure better?

When it comes to public infrastructure, the audits should be done at least once a week. Other than that, metros also have dedicated teams who only look after the elevators and escalators, making sure they are in working conditions. For private residences, the customers can pay a little extra for pre-emptive maintenance, so that any risks can be mitigated.


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