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A tranquil architectural escape amidst Mumbai’s urban pulse

A tranquil architectural escape amidst Mumbai’s urban pulse

In the heart of Mumbai’s chaos, Zen World is a testament to the art of harmonious living, where architecture and serenity converge to create a tranquil masterpiece.

Amidst Mumbai’s chaos and urban clamour, Zen World emerges, a residential haven crafted by Pentaspace Design Studio. Located in the serene suburb of Kanjurmarg, this architectural marvel spans an impressive 3,00,000 square feet and offers residents a unique blend of tranquillity and modern living.

True to its name, Zen World encapsulates the essence of peace and calm, drawing inspiration from the Japanese concept of serenity. The architectural brilliance, thoughtful design elements, and recreational amenities collectively contribute to an environment where residents can attain a state of Zen.

The residential complex by Kanakia is a testament to the elevation of affordable housing strategically positioned away from the commercial hubs of Mumbai. Comprising five completed towers, with the tallest one currently under construction, the complex unfolds in a C-shaped plan. Each two or 3-BHK apartment is strategically positioned to provide breathtaking views of the sprawling salt pans and the designated no-development zone nearby.

The residential complex by Kanakia

The minimalist and clutter-free design of Zen World is a visual representation of the relaxed vibe it aims to instil. The layout ensures that every apartment receives ample light, ventilation, and an inner view of the private clubhouse – the central jewel of this development. The harmonic interplay between architecture and nature creates an oasis-like atmosphere within the complex, offering residents a refuge from the demands of urban life.

The heart of Zen World is the private clubhouse, a rectangular structure with a distinct Japanese influence. Encased by a Japanese-style roof and a double-glazed jaali featuring laser-cut Shoji panels layered over a glass box, the clubhouse symbolises architectural finesse. Residents can access a spa, gym, games area, and more within its confines. The clubhouse connects to outdoor amenities, including a pool, children’s play area, fountain and sit-out zone, gazebo, skating rink, and a basketball court.

The lush gardens surrounding these facilities are meticulously designed by a Japanese landscape artist, further enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal and adding to the Zen-like atmosphere. The intentional blending of indoor and outdoor spaces creates a holistic living experience, making Zen World a true architectural oasis.

In Mumbai’s fast-paced urban life, Zen World emerges as a sanctuary where time slows down. Residents are not merely inhabitants but custodians of their own retreat within the city. Pentaspace Design Studio, through Zen World, has successfully woven together architectural innovation, natural beauty, and a commitment to affordable living, creating a harmonious dwelling that epitomises the art of serene living in the heart of Mumbai.

For more info visit: https://www.pentaspace.co.in/


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