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Aquatek Conchem develops world-class waterproofing solutions

Waterproofing has become need of the hour. It not only saves costly interiors but also extended the life of structure.
 Waterproofing products and systems are essential whether it is a very small house to palatial bungalows or sky scrapers or any other structure. The products and systems available in the markets are excellent but lack proper application, skilled manpower and supervisors.
There are no shortcuts in application of waterproofing systems and products and one has to be very cautious while executing the waterproofing jobs. Cleaning of surface is most important factor for effective waterproofing as dust, dirt, loose concrete and debris are enemies of waterproofing products and systems. Sometime, combination of different waterproofing techniques has to be used to get optimum results.
According to Atul Admane, Managing Director, Aquatek Conchem, “There has been a lot of changes and upgradation in waterproofing products and systems in the past five years. Many international brands have come to India and a lot of new Indian companies have come up with really good products.”
Bitumen-based products are most polluting and hazardous to human beings and nature. Now the trend is fast changing towards the green products and systems. Looking at this opportunity, Aquatek Conchem has developed some of the state-of-the-art eco-friendly products and systems based on acrylic, polyurethane and silicones which meet international green standards and are easy and effective.Some of the highlights of Aquatek Conchem products are:• Ease of application • All surface compatibility i.e. concrete, metal, wood.• UV light resistant, heat reflectance, all whether proof, working temperature from 5 C to 50 C etc.• Zero VOC • Extended life of systems • Cost effective.___________________________________________“Our products and solutions are made to perform at extreme conditions. It has been our endeavour in developing new solutions in pace with international products and standards and durability.” Atul Admane, Managing Director, Aquatek Conchem, Nagpur


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