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West to east Bengaluru now in just 80 minutes

The Bengaluru metro finally bridges the gaps on the purple line, resulting in the seamless connection of Challaghatta on the west with Whitefield (Kadugodi) on the east. In a significant development for Bengaluru’s metro system, the long-standing gaps on the purple line have finally been bridged, allowing for a seamless connection from Challaghatta in the […]

Designs and Technologies enhance safety, aesthetics, and sustainability in railway projects

Nishant Prakhar, Senior Architect & City Planner from GPM Architects and Planners, discusses how regional rail networks (RRTS) and metros are quick and efficient transportation. What are the most preferred design trends in railways and metro stations?  Railway and metro stations use the airspace above tracks and platforms to create air concourses for seamless passenger […]

India is witnessing a rapid boost in railways and metro technologies

Amitava Das, Assistant Vice President-Architecture of Railway Infra Vertical SYSTRA India, talks about the evolution of metro and railway building projects and India’s potential to become the global exporter of railway technology. How is India addressing the environmental sustainability of metro and railway expansion in major cities and tackling the challenges of large-scale infrastructure development? […]

India’s journey towards becoming a major exporter of railway technology

Anil Jangid, Director, LEAP Infraasys Private Limited, speaks about railway technology and significant advancements in railway and metro projects in India. Over the past few years, metros and railways have become crucial means of mass transit, playing a significant role in connecting urban areas and alleviating traffic congestion in numerous cities. For a densely populated […]

MMRDA to extend metro 5 to Ulhasnagar

On the demand of people’s representatives in Ulhasnagar, it has been decided to expand the ‘Metro 5’ line on the order given by Chief Minister Eknath Shinde and Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis. Metro travel is not only limited to Mumbaikars but now it is going to expand beyond Thane and Kalyan. Due to this, […]

Kochi Water Metro:  A socially inclusive transportation system

The Kochi Water Metro Project envisages to bring contemporary, energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and safe boats with minimal wake and draft characteristics at a high frequency.  The Kochi water metro project envisions an integrated water transport system with the establishment of 15 designated routes connecting 10 islands along a network of routes spanning 76 kilometers and […]