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Defining green steel, key to India’s sustainable steel industry

Defining green steel for India’s sustainable transformation A recent joint report by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) and JMK Research and Analytics underscores the importance of a clear definition for “green steel” in the steel industry. The report also offers policy recommendations to facilitate the decarbonisation of India’s steel sector. The […]

Spearheading the green steel revolution in construction

“Innovative TMT bars for sustainable buildings, strengthening the future of construction.” Vivek Kejriwal, Director, Sunvik Steel. The construction industry has embraced a paradigm shift towards green and sustainable buildings in today’s rapidly evolving world. These innovative structures prioritise environmental conservation and create a healthier and greener future. Sunvik Steels, a pioneering TMT bar manufacturer, has […]

Sustainable practices in structural steel fabrication are on the rise

Saket Rungta, Vice President of Raunaq Steel, discusses steel structures’ design, strength, and stability. Let’s explore emerging trends and technologies in this field. Emerging trends Revolutionary trends and technologies are transforming the industry in the realm of steel structures. ORC Technology, for instance, converts heat energy into mechanical and electrical energy, reducing water usage and […]

Dextra’s Bartec Couplers enhance structural integrity in the iconic bridge project

“Dextra’s Bartec Couplers Unite Fe 500 and Fe 600 grade steel, paving the way for unparalleled structural resilience.” The construction of an extraordinary cable-stayed bridge over the Zuari River in South Goa is pushing the boundaries of engineering. This impressive structure is the second-longest cable-stayed bridge in India and the widest. It serves as a […]

Innovation, technology, sustainability, and people steer our future

In an exclusive interaction, Vivek Kejriwal, Managing Director of Sunvik Steels Pvt. Ltd talks about waste management and minimising energy consumption, emphasising workplace safety. Sunvik Steels Private Limited, founded in 2003 in Tumkur District, Karnataka, has established itself as the region’s first integrated steel plant spread across 50 acres. The company has created a strong […]

We deliver strength, speed & safety

Everest provides the most comprehensive solutions that cover your needs. We are a trusted vendor for clients and consultants as we always deliver on our promise of Strength, Speed & Safety. Everest Steel Building Solutions has a rich legacy of 88 years marked by significant milestones. We offer lifestyle experiences that are, in essence, aspirational […]

Restoring the radiance and luminosity of surfaces

The pledge taken by JSW Steel is to make India better, safer and more beautiful every day. JSW Radiance is a premium colour-coated steel product with newly improved paint technology that extends the product’s life and durability. JSW Radiance uses high quality paint containing chemicals that restore surfaces’ radiance and luminosity. JSW Radiance is available […]

Quality and affordability are the hallmarks of Kamdhenu

Sunil Agarwal, Director, Kamdhenu Limited, speaks on the distinguishing hallmarks of quality, affordability and technological improvements over the years. What products and innovations does your company offer in constructing high-rise buildings, and how does it improve the design process? Kamdhenu Limited has a diverse range of products such as Reinforcement Steel Bars, Structural steels, Binding […]

Cold Steel Corporation- Rapid Construction PEB solutions

With immense experience andworld-class quality backing it up, Cold Steel Corporation delivers the fastest projects in the all steel building segment. With core values of delivering quality products at competitive prices, Cold Steel Corporation was founded in 1977 by the visionary technocrat Mr. Rajwansh Bedi to bring pre-engineered buildings to the Indian market. At a […]