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Emerson sets up hub of cold chain solutions in India

Emerson sets up hub of cold chain solutions in India

In an effort to instil best practices and promote the usage of green energy efficient technologies in the cold chain sector, Emerson has developed a state-of-the-art, 25,000-square-metre Cold Chain Centre of Excellence at Chakan near Pune.

Recognising that a strong cold chain infrastructure is vital to make the step change required to reduce the amount of food being wasted in India, there is a growing need for adoption of energy efficient technologies to offset power shortages and raising awareness levels across the food chain on the value of leveraging technology, to scale up the cold chain infrastructure in the country.

To meet this need, Emerson, a leading technology provider for the refrigeration and cold storage industry, has developed a 25,000-square-metre ‘Emerson Cold Chain & Distribution Center’ at Chakan, Pune which has rapidly risen to be recognised as the hub of cold chain solutions in India.

With this, Emerson Climate has created a new benchmark with its 360-degree offerings in the cold chain industry. The centre showcases the wide range of technology and service solutions for the industry available from Emerson, including custom-built products like condensing units and racks suited for Indian conditions and market, as well as value added services like project design and educational services for cold chain.

Objectives of Emerson Cold Chain & Distribution Center
• Locally designed and manufactured factory built energy efficient products for the India market.
• Project design support to various stakeholders in cold chain ensuring that projects are optimally designed and the right refrigeration equipment is selected.
• Educating Indian cold chain industry on best design and operating practices, leveraging energy efficient technologies, system operating guidelines.
• Deliver world-class service and technical after sales support to partners in the refrigeration industry-leading the industry in development of standards for cold chain and transportation.

Project design services
Building a world-class refrigerated cold storage requires a solid understanding of the technical principles, thorough refrigeration system design knowledge and storage practices based on the commodity stored. An inefficient or improper design can lead to escalation of investment, operation costs and impact the quality of the produce stored in the cold storage.

Emerson Project Design Team assists contractors, dealers and end-users, ensuring that cold chain projects are optimally designed and the right refrigeration equipment is selected. Emerson provides:
• Detailed heat load calculation based on type of commodity stored and cold storage operation.
• Full selection of refrigeration equipment to achieve optimal design and improved energy efficiency.
• Advanced solutions with networking, communications and monitoring integrated solutions for CA cold rooms, humidity controlled cold rooms, ripening chambers.

Training and education
A sound understanding of refrigeration basics, storage conditions for various commodities, cold storage design, equipment selection and operating guidelines can help in reduction of food wastage and result in improved food handling and quality in the cold chain. To address this need, Emerson has launched the ‘Educational Services Program’ which is free of cost. The company has a world-class ‘Cold Chain Training Facility’ featuring:
• Dedicated training classroom with live equipment and products in action.
• Training modules covering wide range of topics from.
• Refrigeration fundamentals, system troubleshooting to advanced topics like cold room design based on customer requirements.
• Live freezer and chiller cold rooms running on our best-in-class efficiency scroll condensing units.

Condensing unit assembly and distribution centre
Driven by the high demand for locally built, branded, quality products and a growing trend towards larger cold storages, Emerson has set up a full-fledged assembly line at the new facility in Chakan. The layout and the performance of the condensing units is optimised using CAE facilities. The components are sourced internationally and have been subjected to stringent qualification standards of Emerson Climate Technologies. The performance of condensing units is validated by testing in a suitable appliance at an ambient of 46 C.

Emerson Condensing Units have been successfully used in varied cooling applications like cold rooms, banana ripening, fruits /vegetables, pharmaceutical, industrial chillers in plastic or rubber industry etc.

Semi-hermetic service and scroll tear down analysis centre
Emerson has set up a process and testing facilities to ensure the quality and reliability in compressor servicing. Built on global standards, the semi-hermetic repair centre assists customers with in-depth equipment testing, complete overhaul of electrical and mechanical components and functional testing. The Scroll TDA centre has the capability of providing root cause analysis for 2-30 HP models.


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