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Extruder E9 intending unbeatable casting speed

Extruder E9 intending unbeatable casting speed

Elematic introduces an all-new flagship model ‘the Extruder E9’ to their Extruder family for hollow core slab production. The new machine will offer high casting speed, 2nd generation automatic compaction control and sophisticated bouncing prevention. In addition to the standard hollow core slab production, the new design of the machine will also enable casting of a variety of precast slabs.

Extruder E9 – 5th generation of Elematic Extruders
The new Elematic Extruder E9 sets a new benchmark for high-speed casting in hollow-core slab production with low production costs. With the new launch, Elematic Extruder family now consists of three different models: S5, P7 and the new E9.

The high-casting speed of new Extruder translates into 8 to 10 casted beds in the same amount of time that previously produced only 6 casted beds. This means even as many as 18 casted beds per day which of course brings extremely high return on investment and naturally very profitable business for the precast producer.

The remarkable speed is achieved with a new design of the extruding screws, optimised casting parameters and independent screw drives. Similar to its predecessors, Extruder E9 is based on shear compaction technology. For years there has been a growing demand for casting different products fast with one machine and the new Extruder is designed to do just that. With the new Extruder, it is possible to choose from six different widths on a basic 1.2-meter-wide bed. It brings considerable savings when narrow filler slabs can be casted instead of sawing them to correct measurements. The product range also covers solid slabs, wing slabs, piles and poles, and stadium slabs.

Modern user experience
Extruder E9 has a modern, intuitive and graphically pleasing 15.6” touch screen user interface. The touch screen is easy to use; you can zoom and drag and drop items similar to any other smart device. The user interface is designed to meet the everyday casting tasks in precast concrete plants. The operator can, for example, change casting modes directly on the machine.

Recycling concrete automatically
Extruder E9 comes with an option for a smart, eco-friendly recycling system. The system significantly decreases concrete consumption and lowers production costs. Once the recycled concrete is transported back into the Extruder, the system slowly mixes it with the fresh concrete to ensure that the mix quality remains on the defined high level. Extruder E9 forms an efficient working couple with another new machine from Elematic, the Modifier E9, for digging and placing cuttings, recessions and other openings. Together they are a perfect match increasing efficiency and sustainability of hollow-core slab production.

For more details, contact
Shridhar Rao,
Sales Head India,
Elematic India Pvt Ltd


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