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Feel good factors to spur PEB market

“We never allowed any stone unturned to ascertain the feasibility for further improvement — be it small, medium or big,” says Anjan Dutta Roy, Vice President, Tiger Steel India
 Tiger Steel has always run its business based on its core competency to service the niche market and corporate giants. In an exclusive interview with ACE Update, Anjan Dutta Roy shares his business philosophy and the changing prospect of Indian construction and infrastructure industry.
Indian and construction and infrastructure industryIndia’s economy is getting bigger and going to become the world’s third largest economy by 2050. Liberalisation of policies and deliberate strategies from the Government of India in promoting infrastructure spells opportunity for EPC organisations, e.g. roads and highways, ports, airports, railways and power. Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) are slowly gaining importance and benefited from government supports.
Substantial portion of the proposed investments in construction projects, making the EPC companies one of the biggest beneficiaries of the infrastructure boom in India.
The current policies of the Indian Government are definitely encouraging the investors in infrastructure and construction projects from both domestic as well as overseas private capital. India is already a hot destination for foreign investors. As per UNCTAD reports, India is being rated the second most attractive location (after China) for global FDI. In order to increase FDI inflows, particularly with a view to catalysing investment and enhancing infrastructure, the Indian Government has also introduced significant policy reforms. As part of policy reforms, the government needs to simplify the approval route process, including setting up several agencies to expedite FDI approval. Then, without a doubt, there is huge opportunity in the Indian infrastructure space in the short- and medium-terms at least. The policies of the Indian Government, which have been evolving very rapidly in recent years, continue to encourage the private sector in taking on a larger and more diverse role – from being an infrastructure builder (under a publicly financed arrangement) to an infrastructure developer (under PPP structures which include private finance). These developments have led to a large number of infrastructure projects open up as opportunities for the private sector.
International EPC contractors and service providers are already leading players in India along with several Indian companies have either scaled up their skill sets or extended their operations.
Tiger Steel and current market scenarioThere are various important factors for an organisation to match with the ongoing market scenario. These are:• Available talent pool like engineering and manufacturing bench strength• Current order back log and expected revenue generation• How it evolves with the market requirements and buyers’ sentiments• Strategies to counter the distorted behaviour in the local marketplace• Pace of execution vis-à-vis return on investments.
Tiger Steel and competitorsMr Roy said, Tiger Steel has never made its business model to fight the so-called commercial based competitions. Since inception, it has always run its business module based on its core competency to service the niche market and corporate giants. Therefore, there is no specific tool is being used or required to fight so called competition. Tiger Steel never left any stone unturned to ascertain the feasibility for further improvement — be it small, medium or big. It is an ongoing process within the organisation. It has become a culture or mantra with the entire team members that what Tiger Steel has done yesterday is its past, and viewing today take steps to do something better in future is a must.


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