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Infrastructure is top priority of Indian Govt

“The development of infrastructure is the main tool to achieve GDP growth targets,” remarks P V Rao, Managing Director, PEBS Pennar
 PEBS Pennar, started commercial production in January 2010, has been growing at about 20-25 per cent every year. It is now a significant player in the PEB industry in India and treated as one among the preferred vendors by many leading companies. In an interview with ACE Update, P V Rao talks aboput PEB industry and where they want to place PEBS Pennar in the coming years.
Indian and construction and infrastructure industryWe need to see infrastructure groundwork taking place on a massive scale in India. And the government needs to take concrete efforts to mobilise more funds for the space. World-class infrastructure holds the key for India to become a sustained development. Coupled with a quantum growth in the construction sector of the country, infrastructure development is significant for rapid growth across all sectors as it provides access to rural areas, easy approach to markets, besides opening up new regions for investment opportunities. With the backdrop of active new government initiatives, friendly policies and rising investment trends in the sector, the Indian construction sector offers promising growth trends and opportunities. The 12th Plan, which started in 2013 looks set to include $1 trillion for infra development, with around 50 per cent of this likely to come from private funds. The new government has initiated innumerable initiatives to lift the sector from its current dormant conditions.
Adding growth to PEBS PennarWith the initiatives of the new government, a positive atmosphere is created in the market. Mission “Make in India” also has significant effect, and Mr Rao expects a lot of investments coming up in industrial, railways, defence manufacturing, logistics hubs, new airports, sea ports, steel plants and also in rural and urban infrastructure segments. PEBS Pennar has been catering to these segments in the market and foresees significant growth opportunities in the coming 5 years.
X-FactorsCurrently, infrastructure is the main priority of Indian Government. The development of infrastructure is the main tool to achieving GDP growth targets. The sector needs huge finances and massive funding. But there is usually a major variation in the commission’s target and funds that are actually deployed. Nearly all of the infrastructure sectors present excellent opportunities for construction, with roads and highways, ports and airports, railways and power standing out as bright spots, with huge sums of investment planned. India’s economy is big and getting bigger. Liberal and supportive government policies coupled with deliberate strategies to promote infrastructure spells great opportunities for engineering and construction (E&C) companies in India. Along with construction, allied industries like cement and steel also will notice a rise in demand. Construction sector is likely to boom in the 12th Five-Year Plan.
PEBS Pennar and current market scenarioPEBS Pennar has started commercial production in January 2010 and is now a significant player in the PEB industry in India. PEBS Pennar is treated as preferred vendor by many leading companies. It has been growing at about 20-25 per cent every year. PEBS Pennar is targeting to reach revenue of Rs. 1,000 crore in the coming 3 years.
PEBS Pennar and competitorsIts strength is its talented engineering and execution teams. It has been living up to the expectations of its customers by delivering quality products on time and  getting repeat orders from many leading companies in India. Its growth story of reaching a revenue of about Rs. 500 crore in just four and half years speaks about its capabilities and strengths. PEBS Pennar got Industry Excellence Awards twice, Corporate Governance Award, PEB Company of the Year Award, Infrastructure Company of the Year Award and so forth.


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