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IPF MULTIFOAM PRO: full-proof system for installation of door and window frames

IPF Multifoam PRO is polyurethane foam from Germany in semi-liquid form, B2 classified (DIN 4102), compressed in a container of 750 ml, which discharge foam up to 55,000 cu.cms. (50 litres) in expanded form through dispenser gun. The Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) of Multifoam is 0.116 kg per 750 ml can. This is useful for fixing a door frame without hold fast and the frame is not required to be installed with super structure, thus eliminate troubles such as frames getting damaged through cement plaster, water curing, and movements of materials into the flat from outside. IPF MULTIFOAM PRO makes the frame water /air tight, expansion /sound/ termite proof and almost unshakable. In case of window frame (wooden/uPVC/ metal), installation may eliminate use of sub-frame and marble/granite stone frame – thus there is no seepage of water. It assures air tightness and becomes expansion proof bond between masonry wall and frame. For aesthetic value, one can use marble/granite inside the window on the bottom edge or entire frame after insulating profile with IPF MULTIFOAM PRO. It is water and air tight since there is no stone (marble/granite) below the track and sound insulated to a greater value of reduction of sound level in decibel.
This is useful in many other applications such as installation of window AC, plumbing insulation, conduiting, sound insulation, filling of cracks on to masonry walls, back up material to expansion joints, boat building, model making  etc.
Milestone (India) Corp, Mumbai is the importer and distributor in India.
Milestone (India) Corp’s clientele include large corporate, real estate tycoons, SEZ projects, cold storages, air-conditioning, 5-Star hotels, breweries, film studios, pharma companies etc. all over India.


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