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Lights, Décor, Action!

Lights, Décor, Action!

Lights play an important role in creating a picturesque ambience at home. Without the right light, highlighting the beauty of the interiors even if they are well-designed, is a tough task. 

Gone are the days when tube lights and bulbs made the whole house a dim and gaudy shade of yellow. Not only are they visually unpleasant but also steal from the nature. In today’s day and age, we prefer the immaculate and subtle lighting. LEDs are the top choice for indoors or outdoors with the added benefit of them being a friendlier option. Lighting plays a more significant part in our daily lives than we realize. For instance, how a good, upbeat, hip song can take you from sinking in the couch to directly on the dance floor. Similarly, a well-planned combination of lighting can alter your mood. Fresh, natural, or bright lighting elevates the personality of a place or a person and gives a welcoming vibe. Whereas, dim or shady lights are frowned upon or indicate a lowkey space.

Lighting up your home is an integral part of any interior décor. If enough attention is paid on little knicks and knacks, it translates and gives the house a homely feel. When talking about lighting we usually think of the two main segregations, natural lighting and artificial lighting. Natural lights are a desired choice when choosing a location or a home. But in the metropolitans, it is not always readily available, although in abundance. So, what can be done in a scenario like this? Understanding the directions of the natural sources and then filling up the loops with artificial lights goes hand in hand. Planning the place setting, the type of lights, coolness or warmth and even the colors can be given a thought. There are multiples of options that are existent or coming up with each passing day. LED strips, classy chandeliers, various types of lamps that offer different fabrics, metals or even antiques that tell a story.

A house has many rooms that serve different purposes, the lighting should communicate the motive of the room. A study or office room should have a more calm, subtle vibe, the living area should be bright and energetic, the kitchen should be abundant with lights and so on so forth. But with all this to the light sources, it is necessary that the eyes should get a blind spot. Any good picturesque scene is a combination of highs and lows, until there are those blind, dim spots, it makes any setting too much to take in. Balance is vital when creating a masterpiece of your home.

In the end, it has to be what you feel comfortable with. Each person has a different taste, and home interior is one of the best ways to explore your taste. Go on a journey of exploring with what you feel the most at home with and light up your humble abode.


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