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Our Interact City lighting management system extends the value of connected lighting

Our Interact City lighting management system extends the value of connected lighting

Through insights and data it lets users reduce their operational expenses, track compliance and plan maintenance says Sumit Padmakar Joshi – CEO and MD, Signify

What kind of lighting is best suited for street lighting which needs to be robust and long lasting whilst saving energy?

LED lighting solutions are the recommended solutions most suitable for street-lighting. They offer several advantages such as longer lifespans, higher energy efficiency, high quality lighting and lower maintenance costs. They can be customized according to individual requirements and offer directional light throw, which results in better illumination and higher efficiency. At the same time, LEDs do not require a long warm-up period, which results in substantial cost savings over the long run.
Connected lighting solutions can further amplify these advantages offered by LED lighting solutions. Our Interact City lighting management system extends the value of connected lighting through insights and data and lets users reduce their operational expenses, track compliance and plan maintenance. These solutions can help users in three ways:
1) Optimize energy usage: Connected lighting helps to optimize street lighting performance and accurately measure energy usage in real-time.Streets require different light levels depending on the time of day. With the latest connected lighting technology, lighting can be scheduled by using dimming controls to reduce light levels when full-power lighting is not needed, which in turn minimizes energy usage and saves cost and energy.Eg. At night, during non-peak hours, lighting controls can be programmed to automatically dim by 30% but can power up when movement is detected.
2) Predictive maintenance: Connected lighting technology helps plan maintenance activities effectively and ensures higher uptime and safety by enabling predictive maintenance. For example, city administrators can track how many hours a fitting has been operating and plan its maintenance accordingly.
3) Maximizing productivity: With connected lighting city administratorscan unlock hidden efficiencies and uncover unique insights from data to make informed decisions that improves operations via our Interact dashboard. They can track where and when they can save on lighting and energy consumption as per local requirements. Automatic fault detection alerts help issues quick response and minimal downtime. Data can be used to make informed decisions and optimize lighting performance.
When it comes to specific spaces like lighting for well-designed public parks, what should be the difference in approach?
The approach for lighting up well-designed public parks is focused around high illumination levels and safety. Visited by families and individuals alike, these parks serve as recreation and fitness hubs and hence need adequate illumination levels. Here again connected lighting can play an important role in optimizing energy efficiency as the sensors can dim down the lights after non-operational hours.
As the Indian infrastructure segment expands leading to growth of railways corridors and metros, highways all of which need to be illuminated. What does this mean for companies like you?
We envision growth opportunities for our organization from the perspective of driving the adoption of innovation and technology. As the Indian infrastructure segment expands, it means more opportunities for us to contribute through our solutions for lighting up public areas.We can now also offer solutions that go beyond just illumination, for example we can offer high speed internet to trains and metros with our TruLifi systems. This can help the railways and metros create more opportunities for revenue generation as well as better connectivity for travelers.
The quality of the air we breathe has a profound effect on our health and wellbeing. We’re all at risk of contracting and spreading viruses and bacteria, especially in busy public areas like public transport. A proven and effective way to neutralize a virus is through UV-C radiation. We offer air disinfection luminaires that can be installed in these trains and metros for creating healthier spaces.
What are some of your dedicated products for public spaces?
Our Interact IoT portfolio offers dedicated products for public spaces. It has a wide range of applications across city, office, retail, hospitality, landmark and sports-lighting. It enables connected LED lighting systems and embedded sensor networks to collect data and deliver insights, benefits and new services. Interact enables users to benefit from cutting edge technologies, big data processing and analytics.

A few of our products specifically dedicated for public spaces within our interact portfolio are:

•Interact City: Interact City connected LED lighting system and management software help provide a secure and robust infrastructure to improve city services, improve citizen safety, beautify public spaces, engage with citizens and encourage civic pride. Interact City also reduces energy costs and increases efficiency so one can reinvest savings in new smart city projects.

Interact City projects have been installed around the globe in places such as Pune (India), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Canary Islands (Spain), London (UK), Los Angeles (US), Markham (Canada) and many others.

• Interact Landmark: Interact Landmark creates an appealing city identity, builds civic pride and attracts tourists by illuminating buildings, monuments and bridges. City administrators can monitor, manage and program dynamic architectural lighting using Interact Landmark software and system architecturemaking it easy to create and trigger light shows from anywhere, while simplifying maintenance to protect investments, all while ensuring maximum energy efficiency.
• Trulifi: is our new range of LiFi systems that offer both great quality light and a reliable, fast internet connection. Trulifi systems modulate light waves to transmit data using a transceiver. Then all you need is a USB access key, which can be plugged into your laptop to receive and send data. Unlike other LiFi systems, it works whether the room lights are on, dimmed, or off. Trulifi is highly suited for use in offices, hospitality, industry, transportation as well as public areas; anywhere where wireless connectivity is poor, unavailable or restricted.


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