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Master of transforming homes into luxurious retreats

Master of transforming homes into luxurious retreats

Architect Sumit Dhawan crafting luxury, shaping dreams

Architect Sumit Dhawan has made a name for himself by transforming homes into luxurious havens, earning praise for his work on celebrity residences like those of cricketers Yuvraj Singh and Gautam Gambhir. With a lifelong passion for architecture instilled by his father, Architect Satish Dhawan, Sumit embarked on his architectural journey in 2000, starting with an inspiring internship at Auroville in Pondicherry.

During his Auroville internship, he gained invaluable insights from both local and international architects, setting the stage for his career. Subsequently, he joined Tevatia Chauhan & Sharma Architects (now Design Forum International), fusing his internship knowledge with practical experience.

His career took off after designing a sustainable 500 sq. yd. residence in Gurugram, and it soared even higher with projects like Lawyer Dang’s residence. Sumit’s clientele includes prestigious names like DLF, Ansal, Orchid, MGF, and more. In 2005, he founded Cityspace’82 Architects, embarking on a journey driven by passion and dedication.

Architect Sumit Dhawan crafting luxury, shaping dreams

Inspired by architects like Norman Foster, Zaha Hadid, Santiago Calatrava, and Le Corbusier, Sumit finds resonance with Soo K. Chan, Principal of SCDA Architects, influencing his design philosophy. With nearly two decades of experience, he seamlessly blends design styles, emphasizing both aesthetics and practicality in his work.

Sumit Dhawan actively participates in design forums, serves as an advisory board member for World of Fenestration 2020 by Acetech, and has projects featured in renowned publications. His work has received accolades, including the World Architecture Community recognition for “The Centaurus” and the Estrade Award 2020 for “The Illuminati.”

Guided by a multifaceted design philosophy, Sumit starts each project with a deep understanding of the client’s needs and aims to create spaces that reflect their identity. His goal is to continue delivering exceptional projects and leave a lasting mark on the architectural world.

For more details visit website: https://www.cityspace82.com/


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