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Master of transforming homes into luxurious retreats

Architect Sumit Dhawan crafting luxury, shaping dreams Architect Sumit Dhawan has made a name for himself by transforming homes into luxurious havens, earning praise for his work on celebrity residences like those of cricketers Yuvraj Singh and Gautam Gambhir. With a lifelong passion for architecture instilled by his father, Architect Satish Dhawan, Sumit embarked on […]

Optimising the Use of Sustainable Materials

Pramod Jain, Founder of Creative Architects & Interiors (CAI), Chennai, speakes on how services are crucial part of any structure, even more as the scale increases. What considerations do we need to note as we scale higher and higher? Scaling higher calls for attention to the choice of construction systems, engineering technologies, materials and aesthetics. […]

A neoclassical affair in the East

Amit Maitra and Kallol Baroi, Directors, AK Enterprises speak about the residential project based in Urbana, Kolkata   What was the client brief when he approached you with the project? Accordingly, what was the design strategy you adopted? The project is based in the 27th floor of Urbana Kolkata and spread across 4000 sq.ft. The […]

A Modern Oasis, Gurgaon

An abode layered in contemporary elements for a multi-generational family, crafted for an unparalleled living experience. The idea of the contemporary, derived from the cultural and physical context, is one of the defining aspects of the residence at Sector 15, Gurgaon. This modish Indian house built over 385 square yards has been redefined at an […]