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Otis is helping customers around the world to resume operations safely

Otis is helping customers around the world to resume operations safely

Through touchless elevator technologies, purification products including ultraviolet (UV) and other germicidal lighting; Otis is helping customers to combat the spread of germs and promote social distancing says Sebi Joseph, President, Otis India.

What are some of the specific mobility solutions Otis has designed for airports?
Most infrastructure projects, including airports, aim for energy efficiency wherever possible. Otis answers that call with its escalators, moving walkways and elevators. Additionally, many airports choose to use Otis’ flagship product, the Gen2 elevator.

The Gen2 family of elevators blends convenience, style and performance to deliver a new passenger experience that adds value to any building. It can include components such as a coated steel belt, as well as a ReGen drive, permanent magnet machine and PULSE monitoring system. A Gen2 elevator with ReGen drives can be up to 75 per cent more efficient than conventional geared systems with non-regenerative drives, and provide clean power to help run other building systems.

The Gen2 is also desirable because it can save space. The compact elevator components fit inside the hoistway and can eliminate the need for a machine room. This saves construction costs and frees up valuable floor space for passenger floor.

Can you mention some well-known airports where Otis products have been utilized?
Products designed and manufactured by Otis have been installed in airports across the world including the Hangzhou Airport, Kuwait Airport and the UK’s Gatwick Airport.

What is Otis doing to address the needs of the current and post pandemic world?
Otis is helping customers around the world prepare for the safe reopening and continued maintenance of their buildings – where people live and work – through touch less elevator technologies, purification products including ultraviolet (UV) and other germicidal lighting, predictive maintenance and other innovations designed to combat the spread of germs and promote social distancing. These solutions also support the recommendations and guidance presented by the World Health Organization (WHO), the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other health experts.

Touchless technologies
Otis offers its eCall smartphone app to allow passengers to call certain elevators directly from their smartphone, creating a fast and touchless passenger experience and significantly reducing the number of physical touch points and exposure to germs on surfaces. Otis is expanding its eCall smartphone app adding Bluetooth® technology to enable an even more seamless experience for passengers. The app can be integrated with a variety of different Otis equipment.

Flow solutions
Reducing the number of passengers per elevator, assigning passengers to specific elevators and creating shuttle solutions to limit the number of stops or floors served all help to promote social distancing and enhance the safe flow of tenants through buildings.

Purification products
Purification products are also in demand to promote hygiene in elevators and on escalator handrails reducing germs thereby improving conditions for passengers. Otis quickly brought to market a plasma purification fan for elevators, which uses an anion generator and ultraviolet lamp to kill germs and other microorganisms. For escalators and moving walks, antimicrobial handrails and a UV-C light handrail sanitizer are available now.

Otis worked with the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport in the United States to install UV-C light escalator handrail sanitizers as part of its efforts to combat the spread of germs.

In the current ‘unlock’ period, how are you managing your supply chain in India?
We have a robust, resilient supply chain and we are in constant contact with our customers and vendors. We are engaging them for a systematic and safe continuation of work and supplies to support our projects.

How do you view the market for escalators and elevators for Indian aviation industry?
Whether it’s through support for urbanisation or investing in smart cities, India’s government has made their commitment to infrastructure growth clear. At Otis, we’re excited to support that commitment however we can.


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