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Palazzo Gatto Art Hotel and Spa

Palazzo Gatto Art Hotel and Spa

Like a tale of wonder that takes shape by the desired dissonance with the context, Palazzo Gatto is a work that characterises the city centre of Trapani, Sicily.

Built by the recovery of a historical building of the ‘700 in the historic centre of Trapani, Palazzo Gatto Art Hotel& Spa is now a place where art and tradition, contemporary hospitality and hospitality from the ancient heart meet each other. Like a tale of wonder that takes shape by the desired dissonance with the context, Palazzo Gatto is a work that characterises the city centre of Trapani, Sicily.

And from land rich in history, tradition and beauty draw its essence. The harmony and knowledge of the territory are here transfigured in the matter to be shaped with skill and wisdom to create a structure pole experientially: not only a hotel but a contaminated and contaminating place able to inebriate the guest, in which past, present and future are combined in an osmotic way.

Oppositions and desired contradictions enhance the cuts and internal volumes, creating space-time short circuits. The furnishings are essential, fluid, Franciscan thread, iconic protagonists of the three-dimensional show. White, pure objects are inserted in a cream-coloured environment, built thanks to these of local stone that covers the surfaces.

The root that connects the sign of tradition to the dream of interior architecture and lighting technology is represented by an abstract reflection on the meaning of Sicilian decoration. After having internalised the concept, Simon managed to transform it, thanks to the performances of the artist Pippo Torcivia, into concrete, manifest and contemporary traces of beauty.

Small and large ceramic works, characterised by a deliberate simplification, alteration, and interpretation of the expressive type of Sicilians, permeate the space as indispensable elements of unique, extraordinary totality. Each piece of furniture of the hotel has been created ad hector allow this unlikely as the only volumetric area to be assimilated into a living and dynamic gallery within which you can also buy what you see.

Phrases of the author complete the significant frame, designed to enhance the power of the word in the lobby of the hotel, in public areas, and the charming rooms dedicated to guests. Life is either lived or written; Simon has never lived it if not registered it. Thus we read in “Il Fu Mattia Pascal”, the first great success of Luigi Pirandello, so it is written on the mirrored surfaces that build the spaces of Palazzo Gatto so that the reflection becomes the manifestation of another self, a double self, but equally part of the ideal and reality.

Just as in the works of the famous Sicilian writer, even within the hospitable structure, the necessary presence of two opposite conditions determines the formation of a clear identity, distinct from the surrounding, multiple but defined, such as existence. To be lived. Light, like reinforced cement, like physical matter, becomes a silent strategic prompter capable of enhancing volumes and geometries. Palazzo Gatto is a global work of art imagined to dialogue with guests, bringing to their unconscious attention intriguing narrative and aesthetic contents. It is an Icon capable of representing a dimension made of uniqueness, extraordinary and wonder. To off era surreal experience that can be transformed into active memory.

Common Spaces & Rooms

The rooms are places of intimate charm. Intense spaces are designed to give the guest ascene to feel the protagonist in which poetry, beauty, wellbeing and attention blend ideally to bring new fragments of the future to the present time. They have suspended bubbles, which interrupt the current space-time thanks to furniture with fluid and linear shapes designed to be precisely where they are. The organic stone of Avila, kept intact in the majestic steps that connect the levels of Palazzo Gatto, Isa tribute to the artisan tradition of Sicily.

The lighting of the common spaces preads, creating overlapping and fragmentation effects. Along the bleachers, below the beds, is expertly placed colourful lighting that gives the visitor a feeling of lightness—immersing him in a suspended space-time dimension. Points of contact of the structure, the soft shapes and rounded style that we find in the space dedicated to the Front Office of the hotel, as well as in the headboards of the beds of Palazzo Gatto, bring to a gentle and delicate vision of the present. In a constant attempt to translate modern complexity into simplicity. Bathroom Area.

Common Space

A unique and captivating aura of well-being binds each room tithe bathroom area, characterised by simplicity and consistency. In this way, guests become the protagonists of a highly engaging imagined scene: a continuum that goes beyond space-time and establishes a solid and unusual relationship with the other through the material. The stone that covers the floors of the rooms enters the bathrooms and, completely invading this space, creates unity.

The screen-printed stained glass windows are a weak deterrent, leaving ambiguity to the area that deserves the boundary between sight and imagination a central role. The elements that shape space are pure, manifest, and high definition, designed to translate the complexity of our time into simplicity. The only note of colour, which catalyses the attention, is given by the sink, which wisely recalls the tones that characterise the decorations in each room—conceptual reference to what happens in the night part.

Wellness Centre & Spathe spa

The spa of Palazzo Gatto is defined by spaces where light, creeping into the back of mirrors and walls, allows the eye to perceive the spatial environments as unique. The common thread that links the connotation of the rooms and common areas is taken from the ceramic discs. Therese gradation is mainly related tithe emotional sphere and aligned with the mood that the SPA of Palazzo Gatto wishes to convey to guests. The simple lines, soft and curved that surround the interiors of the entire structure are made manifest in the spa through the screen-printed glass. A euphony of forms harmonises the environment, making the guest walk in a timeless space.


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