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Pidilite offers waterproofing products for tall buildings

“There is an urgency to inculcate the right material usage, right dosage and the correct application to ensure that we create healthy structures,” says Sanjay Bahadur, Global CEO, Construction Chemicals, Pidilite Industries
Waterproofing is now becoming an essential element in the construction industry. With new scientific technologies, waterproofing market is set to prosper. In a conversation with ACE Update, Sanjay Bahadur discusses about the waterproofing market in India.
Current statusWaterproofing has been an area of concern for customers; therefore, companies are coming up with more effective scientific solutions. The acceptance of scientific waterproofing solutions is also growing from the customers’ side of acceptance. Traditional waterproofing has a lot of limitations, as compared to newly offered scientific solutions. Traditional waterproofing is not long lasting and develops cracks easily and gets removed quickly, so all these require a more scientific waterproofing systems. The acceptance for scientific solutions has just started. Ninety per cent of the time, product doesn’t fail but applications fail because of the lack of detailing. Hence, there is a definite need for training. Also, knowledge about right accessories is essential.
Upcoming trendsWaterproofing market in India is at a very premature state. As the bulk of the construction sites use traditional methods like brick bat coba and mud puska which have their own limitations. Hence, huge opportunities exist here. There is an urgency to inculcate the right material usage, right dosage and the correct application to ensure that we create healthy structures.
Construction chemicals market has a huge growth potential due to the recent construction and manufacturing boom in India. Many newly developed products give better performance and results and hence there will be a shift in demand towards better performance products.
Solutions for tall buildingsPidilite has a range of solutions for each type of segments — whether it is for tall buildings or commercial buildings or retails. There has been a lot of thought processes combined with uninterrupted R&D that have helped Pidilite strengthen the overall brand equity of its mother brand, Dr. Fixit. Pidilite offers a comprehensive range of waterproofing products and has managed to establish itself as a preferred brand in this category.
New products Pidilite always thinks of innovation and has brought it to the market. At a very competitive price, the company has launched the Dr. Fixit Blueseal which replaces brick bat coba for the roof at an affordable price — and it is easy to use. This product provides fool proof waterproofing system that is leak-free and guarantees a superior performance in comparison to brick bat coba.
Future outlookPidilite intends to grow and expand its business and provide its customers with the best products. Its consistent efforts are to generate green solutions for various areas of application, catering to the needs of complex high-rise structures. Pidilite has been a pioneer in consumer and specialties chemicals in India. Over a two-third of the company’s sale is generated from products and segments that the company has pioneered in India. Pidilite will also be growing its international presence through new acquisitions and setting up new manufacturing facilities and sales offices in around the world.


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