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PSP: Offering Eco-friendly and cost-effective solutions

PSP: Offering Eco-friendly and cost-effective solutions

A person never does great things in business; people do that.

We at PSP believe in teamwork, and as a Managing Director of PSP Dynamic Pvt. Ltd., I always want our team to be motivated and fully engaged in business and customer service. The PSP manufacturing plant, which is centrally located in Alwar city, Rajasthan, has its head office at Noida(Delhi-NCR) and warehouses in all prominent cities
of India & Nepal. It always works according to market needs and is always willing to solve the problem of our customers.

We believe the brand “PSP” has the potential to solve their issues relating to uPVC Profiles, uPVC Doors & windows, Aluminium Doors & windows, and Wire & Cable. At the start of the second decade of the 21st century, when pollution was rising, and excessive exploitation of natural resources was happening, all construction industries faced problems with natural resources.

I then took a favourable decision to save our nature and started a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit with advanced technology for the production of uPVC Profile. We had the vision to make sure that we make an Eco-friendly, cost-effective product that can solve the current problem of the non-availability of good quality wood at a cost-effective price and present a better alternative to wood.

In the coming years, the need for good quality uPVC windows is coming from our builders, so we started our in-house fabrication plant with the latest technology to cater to huge demand from the construction Industry Over the years, PSP has served numerous iconic projects across India for prestigious government institutions like NBCC, CPWD, UPRNNL, MES, Bihar Medical Infra and many more state units with prestigious big private builders like Gulshan, RPS, Gaur, Sikka, Raheja, ATS, Mahagun and list is still adding great projects.

To cater to the market needs and fulfil its demand, we also started supplying and Installing Aluminium Doors and windows in 2019. Our wide range of Aluminium windows is worth its price as they are sturdy and long-lasting. Our growth journey took a big jump when we started manufacturing Electrical Wires and Cables in 2020. We are a leading manufacturer of electrical wire in India and produce Green Wire which is more eco-friendly than other prominent brands. We are the leading manufacturer of uPVC Profile, uPVC Doors & Windows, Aluminium Doors & Windows, and a wide range of Electrical wires & cables.

At PSP, we always keep our approach market-oriented and customer-centric to keep our company far ahead of others. PSP is always recognised in the market through its innovative solutions that convey the latest technologies and instruments. Team PSP is always willing to provide our clients with consistency and quality. PSP has
always been a hub of talents from all over the region to join and bea part of one of the most potential companies in the field of uPVC, Aluminium, and wire & cable in

I B.K. Srivastava Managing Director of PSP has 35 plus years of experience in top-level management with big Indian and multinational companies. Through his vision and determination, we can generate a sustainable relationship with our clients. Our core values and visions of a real-time story put our company at the forefront of setting new benchmarks and raising the standard to a premium new level.

Our mission and vision are apparent to all team members of PSP. We stick to quality as our motto is “Quality Speaks,” We will become the top company with our range of quality products in India in the coming few years. Let us unite to protect the environment and make the universe better.



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