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Quality Control at Construction [Nov 2011]

Quality Control at Construction
“In real estate, the basic goal of quality control is to ensure that the completed structure meets specific requirements and are dependable, sustainable and reliable”. Mayank Madhani, Head – Projects & RMC at Neev Group writes
Quality control describes the directed use of monitoring and measuring the achievement of a specified standard. It is a procedure or set of procedures intended to ensure that a manufactured product or performed service adheres to a defined set of quality criteria and meets the requirements of the client or customer. Quality control is a process by which entities review the quality of all factors involved in production. In real estate, the basic goal of quality control is to ensure that the completed structure meets specific requirements and are dependable, sustainable and reliable.
Following is the guideline to establish effective quality control measures on site stage-by-stage:Planning StageQuality must be the principal rule that should be conformed to right from the basics of the planning stage. Residents’ satisfaction and adherence to environmental norms must be kept in mind. One must keep abreast with the latest environmental friendly advancements.
Implementation• On site, a fully equipped quality control (QC) laboratory should be established which is manned by Senior QC engineer and his/her assistants• A Quality Manual should be in place which lays down the specifications and standards to be maintained for various construction activities. This is like a ready reference for the site engineers and QC staff• Quality Plan for all projects is made where frequency of testing of all materials is laid down. This is duly implemented and record is kept which is checked during ISO Audit.
ArchitectureThe architectural details need to be taken care of and the in-house architect must check the buildings at every slab stage to ensure adherence to all the mandatory rules and regulations.
ConcretingThis is the major activity in building construction and should be taken care of in a special manner• Concrete Approval Form must be signed for all castings by the QC as well as Execution Engineer • Concrete Cube Compressive Strength Results need to be duly recorded and the results achieved must always fulfill the acceptable criteria as per codal requirements. These must be regularly monitored by Senior QC Manager and must be countersigned and approved by the external agency RCC Consultant• During concreting an engineer needs to always be present who checks all the technical aspects particularly the cohesiveness and workability of concrete, the laying and compaction. • At the plant separate engineer should check whether, the given mix design is maintained or not.
ChecklistsThe Checklists for all activities like plastering, plumbing, tiling etc. need to be made mandatory and these needs to be followed carefully and a record needs to be maintained.
Non-conformances• It is of immense importance that during the construction whatever non conformances occur needs to be listed and got rectified• Also before handing over to customer a thorough check must essentially be carried out and the snag list be made. If there are any defects, they are rectified.
Training to StaffTo maintain high standards of quality control it is of utmost importance to have trained the staff. A Training Centre is established by Neev Group where technical training to the new entrants as well as to the experienced is imparted with emphasis on practical training. ‘Theory guides & practice decides’ – is the dictum. Their technical knowledge is bolstered by training in managerial skills and personality developments so that they can be groomed as good managers in due course of time.
Post Construction CareQuality control does not end with the possession of the project by the customer. The customer complaints need to be attended promptly and also if they are analysed, it can lead to improving expertise in future projects.


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