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Reimagine your kitchens with Hafele

Reimagine your kitchens with Hafele

Delve into the elements that can help you embark on the path of reimaging your kitchen with Hafele.

From smart and technologically advanced appliances to innovative drawer solutions, efficient storage solutions to aesthetic shelving profiles and timeless kitchen countertops, let’s delve into the elements that can help you embark on the path of reimaging your kitchen with Hafele.

Smart Kitchen Appliances

Invest in smart appliances from Hafele that will seamlessly elevate your kitchen experience. Cook faster with Hafele’s Combi Microwave Steam Oven J34 MCST, get smoke-free kitchen experience in minutes with Intelligent motion sensors that enable gesture control integrated within Rhine 90 and Aella 90 Filter-free Cookerhoods, switch to a healthier alternative for cooking food so that you can fulfil your deep-fried food cravings with NOIL Air Fryer, ease out your pre-cooking process with our multifunctional kitchen machine – Klara Highline, bring ease and comfort into your life with Azzano built-in refrigerator, prevent any spillage from entering the inner cavities with India’s first ever Fully Sealed Hobs Range – Altius and eliminate 99.9 percent bacteria and germs and sweep your dishes clean with Serene Built-in Dishwasher Range.

Innovative Drawer Solutions

Hafele’s Matrixbox Premium Drawers are manufactured at Hafele’s own factory in Kenzingen, Germany and operate smoothly, open swiftly and close with precision. This premium drawer system features simple assembly and easy adjustment as well as unrivalled design and flexibility in application. It is suitable for installation in kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and home offices, as well as commercial and industrial environments. MatrixBox Premium offers the widest range of accessories that comes equipped with Soft-Close as well as Push-to-Open Soft-Close runner system functionalities.

Efficient Storage Solutions

Hafele premium range of efficient, ergonomic and holistic storage solutions is cleverly designed to not only utilise the space available in your kitchen effectively but also optimise its functionality so that you get ‘more life per meter square’. The range comprises of Slim Pull-outs for bottle or towel storage, a Side Pull-out to store jars, a Larder unit and Pantry unit for bulk storage of groceries and a corner solution to store your pots and pans. These German-engineered Storage Solutions seamlessly bequeath elegance and balance to your kitchen interiors. Equipped with the best operating characteristics, inherent elegant motions and distinguished material and finish properties, the range truly represents the well-known Hafele quality standards.

Aesthetic Shelving Profiles

In an open kitchen layout, the kitchen and its cabinetry need to not only look immaculate but should also carry an individualistic appeal which blurs the lines of distinction between your living spaces. Hafele presents Profin- a new comprehensive range of state-of-the-art Aluminium Profiles that helps you achieve all this and much more. The range consists of four different categories of profiles – Gola Profiles, Stack Modular Shelving, Rail Door Profiles and Strike Shelving System. These categories exploit an individual’s sense of sophistication by proposing exciting design potentials and flawless integration. These profiles are manufactured using advanced technology with meticulous precision that augments user-friendliness and ensures utmost ease of installation.

Timeless Kitchen Countertops

Terra – Hafele’s Range of Engineered Stone Surfaces under the Hafele Surfaces brand brings with it the tradition, knowledge and expertise that Hafele has in the space of Kitchens and Kitchen products. The Terra Range is Quartz dominated and is composed together with colour pigments and binding agents to form a solution that is immensely strong, versatile and creatively workable for a wide array of home applications. While kitchen countertops take a prominent spot in this list of applications, Terra also creates possibilities in Wall-cladding, Kitchen backsplashes and Bathroom countertops across the home. Owing to its composition and colour consistency, Terra offers uniform and seamless design possibilities. It comes with 14 elegant yet contemporary colours that add to the versatility of this range.

For more info visit: https://www.hafeleindia.com/en/


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