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Rejuvenating infrastructure projects with rainwater harvesting

Rejuvenating infrastructure projects with rainwater harvesting

There is an increasing trend towards development of construction projects for residential as well as commercial purposes in urban areas. This trend has decreased drastically infiltration of water into a sub soil and recharging of ground water has diminished drastically due to over development and has depleted the aquifers. Thus there is a need to recharge the ground water.

Rainwater harvesting is one of the solutions to recharge the ground water. It is the best recharging technique enhances the sustainable yield in area and utilizes the rainfall runoff which otherwise goes to sewer or storm water drains. Government of India has introduced guidelines and regulations to bring in the change. The National Water Policy Formulated by Ministry of Water Resources which advocates conservation, promotion and protection of water and highlights the need for augmenting the availability of water through rainwater harvesting.

CGWA has issued advisories to States to take measures to promote/ adopt artificial recharge to ground water through rainwater harvesting. 30 states have made Rainwater harvesting mandatory by enacting laws. Municipal Corporations of some of the states have introduced incentive schemes in terms of rebate in property tax to existing societies for implementation of rainwater harvesting. In IGBC, GRIHA & LEED certification there is rating for rainwater harvesting also. These agencies have introduced various incentive schemes in various states for infrastructure projects.

Rainwater harvesting has become very important component in all infrastructure projects. For any kind of query on government guidelines for rainwater harvesting, you can get in touch with us.

We offer following services:
• Designing of rainwater harvesting system for urban and rural areas
• Feasibility study for rainwater harvesting
• Conducting Hydrogelogical survey
• Conducting  wells/borewell survey
• Providing designs of rainwater harvesting system for environmental clearance
• Water management and water audit
• Liasoning with various government bodies for approvals for rain water harvesting work
• Getting permissions from CGWB (Central Ground Water Board) for extraction of water
• Providing estimated cost for implementation of rain water harvesting system

For more details, contact:
Nirav Saraiya,
Consultant – Rainwater Harvesting & Water Management,
NS & Associates


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