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Roofastic: Roofing made fantastic

Roofastic: Roofing made fantastic

Sahayog Steel is into roofing business from past 35 years and over the time and experience the company realised that it is difficult to beat steel in strength but steel has its own drawbacks when used as roofing product such as it can corrode and most important it does have acoustic property or heat insulation benefits. To solve the problem, the company introduced Roofastic which is the most practical and advance roofing tiles solution. In Roofastic, the company uses Al-Zn alloy coating on steel and natural stone grain on the top surface of roof tile. The application of Al-Zn alloy coated steel sheet, water borne acrylic resin, natural stone grain and other excellent material and special and advance process enable the product to be highly resistant against water, heat, cold, light, corrosion and aging as well as to have ultra-long service life. Most important thing is that it is a light weight product.

Stone coated metal roofing
Stone coated metal roofing was refined during and after World War II in the United Kingdom, when the government requested materials that would protect corrugated steel roofs from the harsh climate. A coating of bitumen and subsequent covering by sand, stone or other materials proved effective at protecting the metal roofs and serving as camouflage against potential attack.

In 1954, L.J. Fisher, an industrialist from New Zealand, secured the rights to produce stone-coated metal roofing outside of Great Britain.

Stone coated metal roofing manufacturing process was adapted by multiple companies. When compared to asphalt shingles and concrete roofing products, which can weigh 350 to 1100 pounds per square, the stone coated metal roof, at only 150 pounds per square, effectively reduces the overhead weight on the house structure. This provides for a much safer building during an earthquake, fire or a hurricane.

Advantages of stone coated steel roofing
Lightweight: At only .50 per sq. ft., Roofastic roofing systems are light in weight to install over most existing roofs. It eliminates the cost and inconvenience of a messy tear-off. It eases the structural burden on one’s home. Alternative roofing products can weigh as much as 2-4 kg per sq. ft.

High performance interlocking design: Stone coated steel resists driving rain and snow, as well as high wind pressures. Also the horizontal fastening, avoids the ‘pull out’ problem associated with wind uplift and blow off of some roofing materials. Individual panels interlock completely; systems have successfully tested against wind pressures over 120 MPH, and 8.8 inches of rain per hour.

Aluminum-Zinc coated steel base: Will not curl, cup, warp, split or break. It is fire resistant and will not support fire, it is non-combustible.

Distinctive appearance: Stone chip coating provides natural weathering and sound deadening qualities. It resists fading and performance of steel without the ‘commercial’ painted look. It is available in elegant design and shape.


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