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Smart Bricks offer Smart Combo Solutions

Smart Bricks offer Smart Combo Solutions

The construction industry today is plagued with the following challenges:
• Shortage of natural resources like water and sand
• Shortage of skilled labour
• Shortage of time, and
• Limited financial resources.

What if we tell you that there is a solution that can assist you in meeting the above shortages. Wienerberger has introduced Porotherm Dryfix.System, a revolutionary dry mortar or super glue that can entirely replace the conventional sand, cement, mortar and helps you build walls without the need for curing thus saving valuable time and precious natural resources like water and sand.

Wienerberger, claims to be the world’s largest clay building material solution provider, a global authority in walling, façade and roof solutions, has dedicated itself in continuous improvement of construction practices and meeting contemporary market challenges through cost effective and environment friendly solutions.

Depleting land banks, environmental regulations have led to a paucity of sand which is one of the most important ingredients for masonry construction. Not only is this a costly commodity, but the chance wastage goes very high in construction sites rendering it even more expensive to the builder or the house owner.

Today water has become very limited natural resource and according to statistics we waste on an average 23 litres of water per square metre of wall construction. Hence the wastage of water is barely credible and exhausting ground water, one of the primary sources of water in construction industries, adds to the woe. The need of the hour is to adopt best practices that can reduce or may entirely avoid the need of water thus allowing water to be used for more important consumption.
Availability of skilled labour had been an issue for many years now. Added to this, the cost of employing labour has shot up considerably over the years. Cost effective, easy to apply construction practices can help the builder save valuable time and cost per man hours, leading to faster delivery of projects.

Porotherm Dryfix.System is super glue that removes the need for water in wall construction by eliminating the practice of curing.

When it comes to innovation in masonry construction, Wienerberger is one of the global leaders for introducing innovative, state-of-the-art technologies that make construction, easy, cost effective, environmentally friendly and fast.

The Porotherm Dryfix.System comes with the following benefits:
• No sand – no mortar
• No curing
• Fastest way of construction
• Easy to transport – light in weight, compact, large coverage
• Dry wall system
• Clean site
• Zero wastage.

Dryfix.System comes as a combined solution with Porotherm Grinded Bricks (both horizontally and vertically perforated) to achieve maximum precision in wall construction.

For more information, visit www.wienerberger.in


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