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The Next-Generation water purification technology: LDI transforms water treatment processes

The Next-Generation water purification technology: LDI transforms water treatment processes

Liqui De-ionisation (LDI) is an advanced and innovative technology that has gained significant attention for its potential to transform water treatment.

By employing parallel carbon electrodes separated by a porous membrane, LDI efficiently removes ions through an electric field, resulting in highly purified water with reduced ion concentrations.

LDI offers several advantages, making it a promising solution for the water treatment industry. Firstly, it boasts low energy consumption, reducing operational costs and promoting environmental sustainability. Secondly, LDI is environmentally friendly, addressing the need for sustainable water treatment methods, particularly for treating brackish water.

LDI electronic water purifiers are revolutionising water purification. They eliminate ions and impurities using an electric field, providing purified water rich in minerals. These purifiers are energy-efficient, using only 1/3 of the electricity compared to traditional methods. With customizable Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) levels, LDI purifiers offer tailored water purification. Additionally, they effectively remove contaminants while conserving water, making them highly efficient.

LDI water purifiers are cost-effective, requiring no replacement filters or membranes, and maintenance involves simple electrode cleaning. They retain essential minerals, offering a healthy and mineral-rich water source. Installation and operation are easy due to minimal plumbing requirements, making them suitable for residential and commercial applications.

LDISF Electronic Water Softeners provide an advanced solution for treating hard water. They eliminate hardness without the need for resin or salt, preventing damage to appliances and plumbing systems, and indirectly addressing certain health issues. LDI technology revolutionises water softening, offering an eco-friendly and convenient alternative. LDISF softeners are fully automatic, simplifying water treatment processes through PLC-based technology.

In addition to reducing water hardness, LDISF water softeners also decrease Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) by 50 percent, setting them apart from traditional salt-based softeners. They operate without regeneration, ensuring hassle-free performance. Compared to conventional softeners, LDISF electronic water softeners require minimal maintenance, making them cost-effective and environmentally friendly for both residential and commercial settings.

Water is vital for sustaining life, and LDI technology presents an innovative solution to ensure access to safe and healthy drinking water. By embracing LDI, users can enjoy clean, soft, and mineral-rich water, experiencing the positive impact of this next-generation water purification and softening technology.


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