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WATERGUARD I: high performance, insulating polymerised waterproof coating

WATERGUARD I is two part polymer based waterproofing coating, specially designed polymer to ensure perfect water tightness, with insulating property to cool down inner temperature and ensures the flexibility to cover the thermal stresses. WATERGUARD I has an excellent frost resistance, Can be used on vertical and horizontal surfaces. When applied as directed, this product bridges minor surface imperfection protects against driving rain, providing outstanding durability, and offers long lasting protection, as well as offering energy saving in both cold and hot climates.

Prepacked factory controlled, ensures consistent quality.
Provides good insulation property (8OC variation).
Saves up to 40 per cent energy by reducing heating and cooling demands
High impact and resistance
Resistance to atmospheric pollution
Stable over a wide range of temperature variations
Non toxic and environmentally friendly
Remains intact on flexible surface
Excellent crack bridging
Exceptional film durability
Resistant to UV degradation
Bonds well to a wide range of surfaces
Gloss retention and mildew resistant
Easy to apply
Repaid drying for quick re-coating
Easy to clean.
Waterproofing and thermal insulation to new and existing roofs, sidings and other surfaces on a wide range of substrates such as:

Precast and insitu concrete
Smooth masonry
Plaster and smooth stucco
Fibre cement and GRC panels
Sprayed PU
Bituminous sheeting and coatings
Galvanized steel and alum coating
Water tanks.
WORKING OF WATERGUARD IWATERGUARD I content a micro spheres which act as a barriers. This barrier reflects, refracts and dissipates heat, thereby keeping heat in structures during the cold months and out of the structure during the hot months.
WATERGUARD I light insulating ideal for areas that will be subjected to moisture as it is a waterproof coating and will not only insulate, but also protect against moisture ingress. The coating can be effective in both hot and cold climates, reducing the cooling and heating demands.

WATERGUARD I can save to 30-40 per cent energy cost.
It can be easily applied by brush, roller so not any special equipment are needed for coating
WATERGUARD I works as a thermal barrier which is very light in weight compare to the traditional insulation boards.
It has very good flexibility and durability ideal for heating and cooling without cracking.
It has very good UV resistant property.
Application procedureSurface preparation: All the surfaces must be clean and free from dust, loose materials, oil, cement dropping etc. Before application of WATERGUARD I, prewet the surface and excess water is to be removed.
Mixing: WATERUGARD I is available in two parts: liquid and powder. Mix them thoroughly using electric mixing machine for homogeneous mix coating. Do not add water, solvents or other paints or coatings to WATERGUARD I.
Application: Apply two coats of prepared mix of WATERGUARD I on the prepared surface. Second coat must be applied when first coat is dried.
WATERGUARD I is pre-packed two components of 10 kg powder and 5 kg liquid, specially designed polymer processed cement and fillers, which covers approximately 8 to 9 sq.m. depending upon the substrates.
Authored by__
Bhavesh ShahJt. Managing Director Fairmate Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.


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