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16th Municipalika to be held in February 2020

16th Municipalika to be held in February 2020

The 16th Municipalika Exhibition and Conference on Smart and Sustainable City Solutions, CAPEx (Construction, Architecture, Planning And Engineering Expo) for innovative building designs, materials and technologies and Architecture In The Age Of Millennials (to witness the millennial age transformation in architecture, discuss and debate the emerging trends and the millennial preferences) is to be held from 12th-14th February 2020 at the Palace Grounds, Bengaluru. Together, the three events engage holistically in the integrated development of the built environment, giving a 360-degree vision of Future Cities. The event is an attempt to evolve, evaluate and discuss developments and solutions for all issues related to sustainable urban development, through the Exhibition and Conference segments.

Municipalika provides a mega-networking forum for governments, experts, entrepreneurs and service providers to collectively find solutions to urban challenges. 16th Municipalika provides a platform to evolve, evaluate and share policies, strategies, cutting-edge technologies and innovations towards smart and sustainable living in cities.

CAPEx-Construction, Architecture, Planning and Engineering Expo is a platform for showcasing innovative building materials and technologies. Since the year 2019-2020 has been declared as the year of Construction Technology which also supports the Global Housing Technology Challenge Initiative-India, the event will provide opportunities to project technological options for infrastructure and building construction and providers of mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire services (MEPF), green building products, building materials and technologies which are environment-friendly and energy-saving.

Architecture in the Age of Millennials:
Architecture in the Age of Millennials is a specially curated programme for the thought leaders, including architects, interior designers, engineers, urban designers, planners, construction consultants and real estate players to witness this transformation, discuss and debate the emerging trends in millennial preferences. The event encompasses all aspects of the millennial generation through exhibition and conferences.


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