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Equipped for airport functioning

Analysing how advanced equipment and solutions are facilitating efficient airport construction and operations. The Indian civil aviation sector has been exhibiting exponential growth during the last few years. “Going by the annual growth rate of 22 per cent (provisional) for the year 2016-17, the domestic air traffic, carried by scheduled Indian carriers, could reach about […]

The advent of tech-infused prefabrication

Elevating passenger experience in airports

Discussing how advanced escalators and moving walkways can elevate status of an airport. Mumbai, Delhi and Hyderabad airports in India are classic cases of state-of-the-art infrastructure when it comes to the convenience of travellers. Airports use moving walkways to move passengers with heavy luggage, from increasingly long distances between the terminals or to parking and […]

The advent of tech-infused prefabrication

Access equipment for airport maintenance

Featuring some of the most advanced access equipment used for airport maintenance. The aviation sector in India is growing very rapidly with more and more new airports being constructed, older airports being modernised, newer players are entering the aviation sector (latest being Vistara and Air Asia) to accommodate the increase of passenger flow in the […]

Steel structures : Changing the face of Indian Architecture

Securing the airport terminal

Globally, fence mounted vibration sensor based Perimeter Intrusion Detection System has been proven as ideal solution for effective perimeter security at airports. The complex security environment has become a matter of concern for aviation industry in India. The Indian sub-continent is witnessing a traumatic phase and is reeling under disturbances of major proportions. There is […]

Panasonic’s YOI-en technology lights up Powai

“For airports prone to excessive rainfall, concrete is the answer”

Most of the runways are adopting concreting because of more than one reason, major one being, high reliability and long service life. Rajinder Raina, GM – Marketing, Escorts Construction Equipment Ltd What is your comment on the recent performance of earthmoving and construction equipment market? The market has been on the upswing for the past […]

Modular airport – Future of Indian aviation

Halonix unveils new range of LED floodlight

Adding yet another feather to its LED product portfolio, Halonix Technologies Pvt Ltd, one of the country’s most progressive and environment-friendly lighting companies, has launched its new range of aesthetically innovative designed LED floodlight made of extruded aluminium heat sink, PDC housing, UV stabilised toughened glass with secondary optics complies with separate control gear IP66 […]

Steel structures : Changing the face of Indian Architecture