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ACE 25

A look at some of the ground-breaking innovations in the architectural space

Thanks to the evolving role of architecture in the construction and infrastructure sector, architectural design and solutions have gained prominence over the years. Players – frontline and small – in the architectural space are offering products that seek to bring innovation. Here are 25 advanced architectural products and solutions that are introducing innovation in the construction industry. The feature does not in any way aim to rank the products.


AluPure Aluminium Window & Door Systems –perfect architecture for better lifestyle

There are different styled windows with various colour options available in the market to match interior or exterior of your home, office, hotel etc. profine India (100 per cent subsidiary of profine GmbH) has recently introduced its aluminium range of products under the brand “AluPure” Aluminium Window and Door Systems for Indian market. Objective behind launching “AluPure” in India is to offer international quality, state-of-the-art window and door systems and manifold colour options that can compete with any international brand, the advantage of “AluPure” systems is that they are produced in India under the stringent international quality parameters and German specifications that ensure its 100 per cent functional efficiency and durability.


Gyproc’s Rigitone: Quality level of sound absorption

Gyproc India’s Rigitone is a pioneering range of acoustic ceiling which provides excellent sound absorption qualities.

With Rigitone, the company aims to provide a unique offering in the ceiling category that is particularly useful when aesthetic design and reverberation control are required, especially for areas where high acoustic comfort is of utmost priority. Constituting of regular perforations throughout the board, Rigitone creates a monolithic surface in acoustic ceilings, islands or vertical wall absorbers.

Often used in conjunction with CasoLine MF, CasoLine curve or GypLyner universal systems, Rigitone is able to provide premium levels of sound absorption by including a layer of glasswool behind the ceiling. Rigitone boards come in various perforation patterns for superior aesthetics and high level of acoustic absorption and control, including properties such as fire and moisture resistance.


Lutron’s Quantum Systems: Lighting control management for superior environment

Lutron’s Quantum systems is a lighting control and energy management system that provides total light management by tying the most complete line of

lighting controls, motorized window shades, digital ballasts and LED drivers, and sensors together under one software umbrella. Quantum is ideal for new construction or retrofits commercial applications and can easily scale from a single area to a building, or to a campus with many buildings.

With Quantum, you can design, configure, monitor and adjust all the light in your space to create the right environment, at the right time, on every project. Quantum systems are designed to accommodate a wide variety of lighting control requirements with embedded smart technology that delivers actionable data, simplifying building operation and optimising building performance.


RMC’s Dyecrete: aesthetic appeal coupled with long lasting durability

Dyecrete from RMC (India) division of Prism Johnson Ltd. comprises an eye catching array of concrete that are suitable for a wide variety of architectural and decorative applications. These

may either be everlasting through-colored concrete mixes or a bandwagon of exotic textures that have been integrated on the concrete surface. They combine the aesthetic appeal with the long lasting durability of concrete.

Key Advantages of Dyecrete
• Assortment of striking visual effects
• Opens up a whole new world of
  design opportunities
• Smart color options with durable surface
• Easy and fast installation
• Low on maintenance costs

• Pedestrian walkways, footpaths and cycle tracks
• Floorings for parking areas, basements, etc
• Artistic precast panels and products
• Civic monuments and surrounds
• Commercial and domestic flooring


Somany Ceramics Smart WC–Evita i-Gen Toilet

Somany Ceramics introduces technologically integrated Evita i-Gen toilet. With this launchSomany Ceramics will offer top of the line smart sanitary ware solution at a reasonable price for the discerning Indian consumers.

As the Indian consumers are steadily becoming well-travelled and aware, the demand of smart toilets has been on the rise in the country. With the launch of Evita i-Gen toilet, Somany Ceramics aims to reach out to consumers who seek increased functionality with optimal integrated solutions for every corner of their house.

The star of the Somany signature collection, Evita the i-Gen toilet has been designed to ensure there are minimum pressure points to enhance overall comfort and has the following features:
• Smart seat rim with temperature control
• Warm rear wash
• Ezee close mechanism for the automatic opening and closing of the lid
• User-defined energy save mode that saves water through efficient flushing and powerful water flow
• A fully customised remote control that offers all of the aforementioned features at the touch of a button
• Minimises touch points in the bathrooms to avoid spreading of germs as standards for personal cleanliness and hygiene increase worldwide


MagicBlox turns over a new leaf in the construction industry

Magicrete Building Solutions MagicBlox- autoclaved aerated concrete blocks have turned over a new leaf in the construction industry with the product boasting of excellent thermal insulation in addition to faster and cost effective construction.

In terms of features MagicBlox are 10 times the size of clay bricks but weigh 70 per cent less making them an ideal walling material. It shows excellent resistance to earthquake forces & is proven to withstand wind loads of category 5 tropical storms. Its unique cellular structure providesexcellent thermal insulation properties (R-Value: R30) which helps in electricity/ air-conditioning cost reduction up to 30 per cent. Moreover, it has wonderful acoustic properties (STC rating of 44db) which results in virtually sound proof interiors.


Schindler’s PORT Technology: revolutionises the science of optimising traffic flow

Schindler redefines the boundaries of performance with their 3rd generation destination-dispatch system the PORT technology.

With PORT Technology, passengers select their destination floor before entering the elevator which allows passengers with the same destination floor to be grouped. This eliminates crowding during heavy traffic, avoids passenger competition for the first available car, and reduces journey times of up to 40 percent.

Schindler’s unique destination interface modernization process allows us to bring virtually any brand of equipment to The PORT Technology quickly and economically. The process can quickly and easily convert conventional controls to The PORT Technology destination dispatch. Destination Interface is cost-effective, with immediate performance improvements and personalization benefits, with minimal downtime. Destination Interface may be the only step needed when applying to newer controls or it can be implemented as the first step of a more comprehensive phased modernization of older technology. No matter the application, Schindler’s PORT terminal effortlessly combines inspired design with state-of-the-art technology.


Danfoss mobile hydraulic CAN sensors

Danfoss’ latest innovation i.e. the mobile hydraulic control area network (CAN) sensors are set to revolutionize the construction industry. It is a serial BUS system used for connecting devices in systems or sub-systems. The CAN network protocol came

about in the mid-80s automotive industry, when the need to control different sub-systems of the vehicle, e.g. motor, steering, signaling, etc., emerged.

The systems enabling mobile equipment with electro-hydraulic controls to run cleaner and longer by minimizing the stress on the motor, reducing normal wear and tear and keeping maintenance costs to a minimum.

One of the key CAN benefits, like any network, is that it makes it possible to share resources and information between devices. This means that one sensor can easily be shared between two or more controllers, or two controllers may share information about their respective subsystems which helps in making system diagnostics a centralized function with real-time availability of data that supports condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.

The CAN products are ‘open’ and allow customization. This means that design engineers can use the exact features needed for a specific application which enables manufacturers to pick what is best for their requirements, swap devices between CAN networks, and retrofit machines with additional modules. These smart hydraulic controls also ensure engine optimization which leads to savings on both fuel and emissions – thereby making machines more environmental-friendly.


H&R Johnson’s Porselano Royal Care: premium range of slabs

Porselano Royal Care Slabs are fully vitrified slabs for walls and floors; ensuring complete hygiene, ease of maintenance and durability along with the element of contemporary aesthetics that completely enhance the overall ambiance of the space.

These large format slabs come in sizes of 120 X 240 cms, 120 X 120 cms, 80 X 160 cms as well as in splits format in 2 sizes of 2 X 120 cms and 30 X 120 cms. Due to the large sizes the floors get a seamless look and helps reducing the visibility of the tile joints or grout joints, which also make them easier to clean and maintain.

The Johnson Porselano Royal Care Slabs come with the CARE feature that keeps the tile surface non-toxic and is highly safe for humans. Each Royal Care Slab is made using Johnson’s Germ-Free technology. In the presence of moisture, Royal Care Slabs interfere with the microbes cell metabolism and stops their reproduction and remains effective in wide spectrum of microbial activity for the entire life of these large format tiles.


HSIL’s Splendor EWC comes with Vortex system

Splendor EWC comes with Vortex system, a powerful flushing technology which ensures maximum water efficiency along with hygiene. Accurately placed two jets of water inside the bowl

create a whirlpool effect producing a swirling effect that reaches every point inside the toilet bowl, making it nearly impossible for dirt and germs to accumulate.

The EWC comes with sturdy and slim Duraplast soft close seat cover made fromhigh-quality material which is scratch-proof and aesthetically matches the ceramic toilet.

The EWC saves space as it comes with a concealed cistern which makes the bathroom look less cluttered.


Indilites Solar Street Light: harnessing sunrays to illuminate surroundings

IndiLites solar street light is the latest addition to the bouquet of products with a wifi enabled CCTV camera. It is powered by mono crystalline solar panels for bright LED lights giving an output of over 130 lumens/watt.

The solar panels also power a CCTV camera mounted on it that can be connected to wifi devices through a password to view the images and recordings from the camera. The best part about the device is the plug and play nature of it and easy mounting at any location. With the latest LiFePO4 batteries used, the device is light in weight and offers a backup of upto 48 hours; which is more than sufficient for a tropical country like India.

The product is targeted at majorly government projects and replacement to existing conventional lighting systems. The CCTV camera ensures enhanced security and better footage of roads and highways.

Apart from government agencies, the company also plans to target housing societies for their outdoor lighting needs and offer enhanced security features at zero power consumption. In totality, the product promises to be the next big change towards the conservation of our environment.


Pilkington Suncool: environmental friendly solar control glass

Pilkington’s innovative solar control products cover the whole transparence range using the off-line coated, solar control and low-emissivity products with double silver layer stack.

The highest light transmittance is 70 per cent with optimal solar heat gain coefficient 37 per cent has suncool 70/35 coating. This product type is generally using in residential complexes which are requiring the maximal light transmittance. The apartment’s owner will never feel himself so easy to breath into the room than in area where the window with Suncool 70/35 was installed. The internal space will be fulfilled with the natural light but air will be fresh because of the optimized solar protection formula.

The smart glass separate different solar radiation waves and reflecting damaging UV and near infrared wavelength. This wavelength selection helps to fight with glare effect into the room. It is very important for all interior designers.

Solar heat gain of mentioned products is below 0.25 which allows earning Platinum LEED certificate. All double silver coatings are high selective coatings.

Pilkington Suncool™ is a range of superior off-line coated solar control products with a wide range of visible light transmittance, reduced solar transmittance and excellent low-emissivity. The products range from 30 up to 71 per cent light transmittance whilst achieving UG-values down to 1.0 W/m²K, and g values as low as 19 per cent in standard double IGUs. The excellent solar control properties of Pilkington Suncool™ greatly reduce the need for air-conditioning and artificial lighting within a building, whilst its insulation properties can reduce heat loss, helping significantly to reduce the operational energy consumption of the building.


Toshiba Johnson’s Elcosmo Elevators: perfect blend of latest technology and simplicity of design

Toshiba Johnson Elevators (India) Pvt. Ltd has built a comprehensive product portfolio to attend the evolving preferences of Indian consumers.

Especially designed for low and mid-rise building such as mid-sized office building, residential building, and retail segment, the Elcosmo-TJ is not only competitive in cost, but also has a shorter delivery turnaround of just 3 months.

Like other Toshiba Elevators, Elcosmo-TJ offers leading edge technology in energy consumption through highly efficient PMSM motor, high quality VVVF drive system and LED lightings to enhance energy efficiency of the product, and offer multiple benefits as a standard package to its users. Elcosmo-TJ is a perfect blend of latest technology and simplicity of design that suits best to Indian vertical transportation needs. ELCOSMO-TJ is available in the passenger carrying capacity range starting from 544 kg to 1,020 kg and travel speed options of 1m/s and 1.75m/s.

Elcosmo-TJ’s aesthetic features that include the walls and the ceiling can be customized as per clients’ individual requirements.


Bentley’s Context Capture: modeling with Reality Context

Bentley Systems CONNECT Edition enables BIM modeling of bridges and can adjust dynamically to changes in the roadway design made in Open Roads Designer. In addition, all bridge BIM

modeling can now be done in context, incorporating reality modeling data such as reality meshes, imagery, point cloud, and other geo-coordinated data sources.

CONNECT Edition uses 3D constraint modeling to create functional components for selected bridge elements. Easily adjusted variables allow bridge engineers to respond to new design requirements. And, using MicroStation’s documentation center, engineers can automate bridge plan and profile drawing generation with intelligent automated dimensioning and property-driven annotation.

Open Bridge Modeler CONNECT Edition helps engineers develop intelligent 3D bridge models within the context of an overall infrastructure project. Users can calibrate design to terrain, roadways, access ramps, and related infrastructure by directly interoperating with Bentley’s civil design applications. You can enliven designs with lifelike renderings, minimize costly construction delays with traffic and construction simulations, and control costs using clash detection capabilities to reduce interference problems before construction begins.


Duravit’s Brioso: modern approach to bathroom design

Duravit’s Brioso bathroom furniture range is a refreshingly modern approach to bathroom design, with diverse individual design options and outstanding value for money.

Duravit has closely worked with renowned designer Christian Werner to come up with a range of furniture that does justice to the notion of “Brioso” – representing relaxation, freshness, and joie de vivre in a contemporary bathroom interior. Its distinctive features include precise, finely nuanced geometry produced by slender cabinet frames that form the edges of the furniture, mirrors, and mirror cabinets. A further distinctive feature are handles and feet that can be supplied in the cabinet color if required, offering functionality without impacting the overall design. Those who like a more striking look can choose handles – and even the legs – in chrome, potentially also combined with real wood finishes. The varied and customisable Brioso design options are excellent value for money.

The range has presence whilst also being reserved – yet another reason why Brioso can be so easily combined with a wide range of design series such as Vero Air, P3 Comforts, ME by Starck, Starck 3, and D-Code.

The washbasin vanity units are available in up to five different widths (400-1300 mm). This also enables practically asymmetric, half-open furniture to be created that further emphasizes the fresh look of the range.

The Brioso furniture range is part of the universal console program for even greater design freedom. The furniture consoles come in two different thicknesses (30 and 45 mm, each with a variable width) and two depths. They can be combined with vanity units in widths of 30 to 80 cm and console washbasin vanity units of 62 to 100 cm. All furniture comes with the option of one or two drawers. The tall cabinet and semi-tall cabinet in widths of 420 or 520 mm offer yet more storage space.

Floor-standing variants underline Brioso’s balanced proportions. Like the handles, the furniture feet are available in chrome or the lacquer furniture colors.


KME’s TECU range of sophisticated faced

KME Germany’s TECU Classic bond and TECU Classic mesh are the materials of choice for the sophisticated design and construction of the triangular shaped facade elements, with perfectly

matching window shutters. Seven different ‘contours’ were the basis for individual adaptations to the 15 storeys. The copper elements were cleverly prefabricated and installed, just in time with the progress of construction work, resulting in an attractive building skin of a striking new copper landmark.

TECU Classic mesh slot perforation and subsequent drawing of the material, net meshes of copper, metal curtains with functional aesthetics are created. The diverse textile-like structures of the TECU _mesh surfaces offer openness and solid delimitation, light permeability and mechanical protection.

The copper clad Maersk tower has become University of Copenhagen’s new landmark, which is an ultramodern research and teaching centre. The 15 storey building, covering 42,700 sqm was designed by C.F. Moller in a remarkable architectural style.

The shape of the building and the choice of materials combine to create a design which works in dialogue with the building’s immediate surroundings – including the copper clad church tower of the St. Johannes Kirke and the existing Panum complex of the university.

TECU surfaces can now be supplemented by a third dimension. For the application on the object this means even more lively, even more individualized facades with an expressive presence.


Ardex Endura: Elegant range of large-format tiles

The current trend toward large format tile has presented new and challenging elements requiring additional skills and preparation techniques for the tiling installation professional. For example, the

handling of contemporary, very large format tiles borrow techniques from the glass industry utilizing high vacuum suction handles to move and place tiles.

The elegant appearance of larger tiles requiring fewer and more narrow joints continues to drive popularity. The tiles are not only larger, with lengths in excess of 4’ (1.21 m) wide by 10’ (3.05 m) long, but thinner with tile thicknesses of 1/8” (3 mm) being more common.

The crucial element to successfully installing large format tiles lies in the preparation of the substrate and using proper installation materials. Whether floor or walls are to receive tile, the flatness and suitability are paramount. The substrate receiving large format tiles should be prepared to a floor flatness (FF) of >50. All properly prepared substrates should have no more than a 1/8” (3 mm) in variance in 10’ (3.05 m), with no more than 1/16” (1.59 mm) variation in 24’ (7.32 m).

Floor Applications
To achieve acceptable floor flatness, a smoothing and levelling compound with very low viscosity and high fluidity Ardex Endura CL 11 self-levelling underlayment should be used to ensure the proper flatness required over a large area. Tile installation can be carried out using Ardex Endura Ardiflex S1 after the underlayment has cured well.

If use of a floor screed is desired to obtain levels above 20mm, Ardex A 37 Rapid Set Screed may be installed. Tile installation can be carried out on the fresh screed using the creamy, smooth consistency of Ardex Endura S15c slurry bond adhesive, which requires less pressure when setting large tiles, reducing the risk of breaking thinner tiles.


AkzoNobel’s Dulux Aquatech: novel waterproofing technology

AkzoNobel’s Dulux Aquatech is 20mm crack filler along with high performance exterior basecoats, interior basecoats and pre-treatment coats based on internationally acclaimed technologies

The product is an innovative range of waterproofing products that provides advanced solutions to fix and prevent all common problems related to dampness and seepage. The range includes an array of waterproofing products like pre-treatment coats, exterior and interior basecoats, and crack fillers to help your home achieve and maintain perfect finish. It complements the diverse range of Dulux exterior and interior topcoats to give consumers the best of performance and aesthetics.

The range provides varied waterproofing products as a solution to different kinds of dampness issues such as fungal and algal, interior and exterior cracks, dampness in interiors and exteriors.

The Aquatech range includes India’s first ever 20mm crack filler and has 10mm and 5 mm crack filler variants as well. All these variants are shrink-free crack fillers providing benefits of perfect finish in single time application. Aquatech interior basecoat provides interior waterproofing and is suitable for diverse applications such as swimming pools, water tanks as well.


Cera’s Carbon Fibre Wrap System: Economical retrofitting alternative

Cera Chem’s most advanced and innovative technology is Cera Carbon fiber wrap system. The carbon fiber wrap has very high tensile strength and is also very light weight. When bonded to the

exterior of a concrete column, beam or slab, it can add significant strength without adding weight that would increase the load on foundations and other structural members.

Cera CFR Membrane is a unidirectional carbon fibre weaved together to form a sheet fabric and along with impregnating primer, adhesive and saturant, forms a fibre composite. Once the fibre composite sets completely then it can attain 30–40 per cent more compressive strength and hence the load bearing capacity is increased. The fibre composite also comes as a pre-cured laminates used to improve the flexural and movement enhancement for structures. Carbon fibre wrap system can be chosen so that time can be saved and also floor area is not lost, at a fraction of the cost of conventional methods.

Carbon fibre wrapping is the most effective and economical alternative than the conventional methods used for retrofitting and we look forward to build for India a better and durable structures.


Trimble’s SketchUp: Making design easy

SketchUp Pro from Trimble is most intuitive and easy-to-learn 3D drawing tool around. Architects and designers use SketchUp Pro to create drawings or even 3D models of buildings, furniture, interiors, landscapes, and more.

SketchUp allows them to draw plans, elevations, details and title blocks. When a model changes, the document changes automatically.

SketchUp is built for communicating ideas! With LayOut, architects and designers are equipped for page design, drafting, vector illustration and slide presentations. The models can be turned into animated walkthroughs and flyovers that explain every detail.

The 2018 edition allows designers to bring their 3D models to life in ‘mixed reality’, allowing them or their clients to immerse themselves in a project at its true scale, for the best possible experience of what the final product will really feel like. Furthermore, SketchUp Pro 2018 has native integration with the collaboration software Trimble Connect and plugins like 3D warehouse, a 3D content platform where anyone can search, download models and contribute content to this open library.


Lingel 6.0: Innovative aluminium windows

Lingel 6.0 Aluminium Windows is a breakthrough in terms of technology. The product has been designed in collaboration with engineers from Lingel Germany and Kuala Lumpur based Q-windows.

The design is the unique feature as it is difficult to judge from a distance and define whether it is an uPVC or wooden window or door. Lingel’s 6.0 Aluminium windows fulfil the look and feel of a traditional door or window.

The window has 60 mm wide section for frame and shutter, 2mm outer wall thicker, glued corner and crimped corner connector, SS grade and glued corner blades for all visible parts of the corners, first in industry Z mullion used for outside/inside glazing, Lingel SS grade hardware, heavy duty friction hinges up to 50 kg per panel can be fitted, glass thickness up to 36 mm, Chambers can be steel reinforced for additional strength.

Lingel 6.0 Aluminium windows has an added advantage to it as any possible window design from anywhere in the world can be fabricated so that the international and local taste and choice of the customer can be fulfilled at any point of time.


Otis Aesthetics Elevator: blending technology with nature

Two new aesthetic design themes for Otis elevators in India reflect Indian warmth and culture as well as the “new age” of modern India – providing new, sleek design options for building architects and

designers. The two new interior themes, named Aura and Atmos, will be available on a select range of Gen2 elevators manufactured at the Otis factory in Bengaluru.

The Aura theme reflects the warmth of Indian culture, with an opulent look and a warm, welcoming feel. The materials and colours used showcase current interior trends. Highlights of this design are the intricate work of mirror patterns on the ceilings and walls illuminated with soft lights.

The Atmos elevator range captures modern India, with a blend of technology and nature. The space delivers passengers to a place of panoramic clarity, freshness and calm. Cool colours, soft lighting and mirror panels offer a sense of vastness and muted edges characterise this look.


Thyssenkrupp MULTI: revolutionary rope-free elevator system

After 160 years, the era of rope-dependent elevators is finally over as thyssenkrupp has developed the world’s first rope-free elevator system MULTI to enable the building industry face the challenges of global urbanisation.

MULTI – unveiled to the public in June 2017 at thyssenkrupp’s 800 ft, state-of-the-art test tower in Rottweil, Germany – requires no cables, and uses a multi-level brake system and inductive power transfers between shaft and cabin. This allows the elevator to occupy smaller shafts than conventional elevators, which can increase a building’s usable area by up to 25 per cent.

Instead of one cabin per shaft moving up and down, MULTI offers multiple cabins operating in a loop, much like a metro system inside a building. This results in a higher transport capacity – up to 50 per cent – as well as reduced waiting times for passengers. MULTI also requires dramatically lower peak power – as much as a 60 per cent reduction when compared to conventional elevator systems. This allows for better management of a building’s energy needs, and reduces investment costs in the power supply infrastructure.


Chembond’s KEM Proof: innovative range of waterproofing coatings

KEM PROOF 86 is high quality acrylic emulsion based coating. It is elastomeric in nature and good resistance to weather & sunlight.

• Capable of resisting movements in structures and has good crack bridging and water proofing properties due to its good film thickness
• Excellent elasticity ( • Has longer service life due to excellent UV resistance
• Good resistance to fungus and algal growth
• Non-toxic coating

Areas of Application
• As waterproofing and protective coating for exterior walls of buildings. Typical substrate includes masonry, concrete; cement and waste plaster as well as cement boards.

KEM PROOF 87 is an elastomeric coating based on selected acrylic co-polymers. When applied, it cures to form a durable, protective, waterproof membrane. It is applied by brush or roller. It can be applied on concrete, cement board, wood, brick, stone and tiles.


Protecting buildings from humidity and rain

The tropical–hot and humid climate in South East Asia might affect the facades or even the stability and safety of buildings. Evonik’s Protectosil can extend significantly the lifetime of buildings by

providing protection from water, oil and dirt ingress. Most importantly, the treatment with Protectosil products reduces maintenance and energy costs.

According to the ASHRAE Humidity Standards, the recommended humidity level for buildings is under 60 per cent. However for tropical countries, particularly Thailand, the humidity level can be hovering around 90 per cent during its summer time. Buildings in countries, especially those which are located by the seaside, will have to withstand the effects of high humidity. The formation of moss and algae on the facades of the buildings might cause structural damage. The penetration of water and dissolved salts from the seawater might also lead to cracks and spalling.

Bridges built across the seawater are especially threatened by corrosion. The steels will get rusty when water and salt penetrate into the concrete, which could rapidly undermine the bridge’s stability. To increase the service life of the bridge, the Chao Phraya River Crossing Bridge Construction Project in Thailand had decided to use Evonik’s Protectosil from the beginning of its construction. Protectosil is a unique building protection product that provides protection to the pillars against rain and seawater.

Apart from protecting the building structure of the bridge, an additional product, Protectosil SC CONCENTRATE, has also been applied to keep the surfaces of the bridge clean. Dirt, algae and moss can be removed easily without any residue from Protectosil treated surfaces. T he products help sustain a more durable bridge with less structural risks like deterioration due to corrosion. Most importantly, costs can be minimised while simultaneously increasing the durability of the building structure.


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