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Modern airports with a blend of functionality and aesthetics

The leading experts across the architectural industry have shared their expertise about intelligent material use and strategic integration of natural elements to embrace sustainability and adaptive reuse that delve into the layers of innovation shaping the airports of the future. In the ever-evolving landscape of airport design, architects are navigating a dynamic canvas marked by […]

Piloting the path to sustainable architecture

India is building a sustainable future

The leading experts across the architectural industry have shared their interesting projects with their fascinating architectural and innovative designs. India has witnessed a remarkable transformation in its architectural landscape. Drawing inspiration from the nation’s rich history of ancient temples and monuments, architects and designers have embarked on a journey of innovation that gracefully merges tradition […]

Piloting the path to sustainable architecture

Designing a sustainable India

Sustainable development in India encompasses a variety of development schemes. A new generation of more robust, lighter, and more sustainable building materials can help solve many problems in the industry and push current practices toward being more sustainable. Sustainable architecture is a form of architecture that incorporates a design that is environmentally friendly and built […]

Piloting the path to sustainable architecture

Celebrating the Underrated Spirit of Architects

Presenting projects across different architectural verticals and typologies, including urban design, landscape, hospitality, public utilities, high-rise and commercial. Sculpting Beautiful Landscapes At Ace Update, we celebrate professionals who have completed projects on time despite all odds. Taking the initiative, Mr. Kapak.Y.Bhave says, “Any space can be turned into an excellent outdoor experience – if the […]

We prioritise high-performance building envelopes

Metros and Railways: Rising up to the challenges of rapid urbanism

Transportation and logistics are the key challenges of urbanisation which is in an expansionist mode, metros and railways are the ideal tools to address this upsurge. As the rate of urbanisation in India increases and newer towns and cities come up, transportation and logistics will require attention.People will need efficient methods to commute from one […]

Piloting the path to sustainable architecture

Smart Urbanization: A Synchronization of Technology and Renewables

The realization of smart cities will involve an amalgamation of technology and renewable energy, part of which will be powered by solar. Cities constitute a large part of urban areas with towns, suburbs and satellite townships. As the skilled population of the nation increases and the rural-urban divide narrows, new age cities will have to […]

Piloting the path to sustainable architecture

Net Zero Buildings: In sync with an energy efficient future

Net Zero Buildings can reverse the excess consumption of energy attributed to the construction and building sector in India and globally, it’s time we paid attention. As human civilization developed, the human race has had to mitigate numerous challenges pertaining to survival of its species. Now in the contemporary mode, as a race, we have […]

Piloting the path to sustainable architecture

Architecture and Design : Crafting identities and cities

Architecturally speaking, the Indian panorama is an integration of traditional and contemporary styles of building and design, much like the diversity, which defines our Indian identity. The architecture and design space across the globe is an assimilation of the past and the present. The past is denoted by traditional architecture which was built decades ago […]

Piloting the path to sustainable architecture