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Aesthetic sanitary ware for fervent experience

Aesthetic sanitary ware for fervent experience

Having artistic sanitary ware in the bathroom could help the residents in having a pleasant living experience.

The interior design of a house says a lot about its residents. One might be an orderly and disciplined person, faithful to straight lines, dark colours and sombreness, or rather someone that appreciates rounded, soft, friendly shapes, specially enjoying the warmth provided by materials such as wood.

In the private spaces of their homes, the residents can celebrate the sides of themselves that they don’t always put on display. While the kitchen is often spoken of as “the hub of the house”, the expression could be applied just as aptly to the bathroom. The bathroom is where the residents can let go of their public persona and get back to basics. It’s where they come face to face with their most intimate selves. The place where they choose to spend time preparing to meet the world is revealing in more ways than one.

Graceful ceramics
The washbasin is the most essential element of a bathroom and is instrumental in setting up its character and atmosphere. It sets the tone for the style of the entire space: from classic to modern, or minimalist to elegant. Villeroy & Boch, the ceramics manufacturer, with its new collection of washbasins and bathtubs, Collaro that features a linear and yet homely look with attractive narrow edges and slender walls, plan to take the bathing experience to a whole new level. The premium bathroom collection reflects the enduring trend towards greater lightness – giving it a very distinctive character. The titanium oxide in the formulation of TitanCeram refines the ceramic and allows the creation of shapes combining extraordinary strength with a timeless look – also available with the TitanGlaze in the matt shade of stone white.

The TitanGlaze finish, coupled with the matte shade of stone white makes the washbasin look shimmering and bright. From vanity unit to surface-mounted or wall-mounted, single or double basin, round or square, the 15 different models open up extensive scope for interior design.

Collaro offers a selection of spacious vanity units coordinating with the washbasins, available in 10 different colours. Dimmable lighting makes the recessed groove in colour-coordinating aluminium a real feature – adding atmosphere to the entire space as well as the actual unit. The collection includes matching tall cabinets and side cabinets to address any need for additional storage space. One practical extra feature is the option of an integrated laundry hatch in the tall cabinet.

The acrylic bathtubs complement the washbasins with their comfort and lighter weight. The shape of the tubs is such that their wide rims could also be used for storage. The integrated outlet and overflow solution in chrome, champagne, gold or black matt is another design feature. One particular highlight is the optional water inlet that fills the bathtub like a softly flowing waterfall. The Collaro collection boasts of bathtubs of various sizes with panels that can be customised to your personal favourite colour. The optional whirlpool system further adds to the serene experience of an enjoyable time in the bathtubs.

The new Collaro collection from Villeroy & Boch also looks forward to bridging the gap between the premium and mainstream collections by making the TitanCeram material available to the mainstream customers.

Showering with style
Hansgrohe SE, a German sanitary fittings manufacturer, has launched the Rainfinity shower range in the Indian market. With its concave shape and innovative wall connection, which makes the conventional shower arm superfluous, Rainfinity is nothing short of a trendsetter. The modern surface in elegant, matte white and the contemporary graphite of the simply structured jet disc is a visual highlight in the bathroom.

Rainfinity is a shower to envelop the entire body from head to toe in water, but thanks to the innovative wall connection, the head can also be protected from the spray, as the tilt of the head shower can be adjusted between 10 and 30 degrees, thus guaranteeing a comfortable showering position that, if desired, keeps your face and hair dry.

The three spray modes of the Rainfinity head shower transform your daily shower into a truly extraordinary shower experience. You’ll find maximum relaxation in the microfine spray of the PowderRain spray mode. The Intense PowderRain mode with its concentrated jet makes it easier than ever to rinse out shampoo. The RainStream has consistently high spray intensity and massages your shoulders and back. In the hand shower, RainStream is replaced by the MonoRail spray, which provides a soothing regenerative effect on the arms and legs with targeted, powerful, Kneipp-inspired jets.

Smart installation systems
The advancement in technology has made our lives easier by translating time-consuming processes into time-saving ones. From the smart GPS and navigation systems in the car to the use of Artificial Intelligence for adjusting the seat and the steering wheel as per the driver’s posture and physique, the technical know-how has surely come a long way. Our dependence on technicians and experts for installing or repairing a machine or a system has steadily reduced since these advancements. Likewise, Villeroy & Boch has launched intuitive, simple and quick-to-assemble made in Germany installation systems and flush plates with its ViConnect series.

To make ViConnect even easier for installers to assemble and adjust, new features have been integrated in the installation systems. The tool-free adjustment of the flush flow, rotatable self-locking feet and a 4-point adjustment of the outlet bend allow even more flexible installation. These features are being incorporated in the existing range and would be included successively in all new deliveries.

The flush control valve can be accessed through a service hatch, without having to dismantle the cistern components, and allows easy and individual adjustment of the flush flow, particularly for rimless toilets. There is also the option of positioning the service hatch at the top or front, depending on the installation scenario. And a single cistern for all heights means the installer needs fewer spare parts.

The rotatable feet open up a wide range of integration options: they can be installed precisely in lightweight stud walls as well as in various metal profiles, for instance U or C profiles. The new self-locking system makes the assembly process even easier, making it possible for a single installer to adjust the height easily and precisely.

The four-point adjustment for the outlet bend provides greater flexibility for assembly, giving the installer more scope for connecting the toilet – a feature that is particularly advantageous for renovations.
The current ViConnect range includes dry-wall and brick-wall construction elements for all wall-mounted sanitary ceramics as well as stylish flush plates. All ViConnect installation systems provide greater flexibility: with height-adjustable feet and durable frames made from powder-coated steel for the secure installation of washbasins, toilets, bidets and urinals.

The flush plates impress with an elegant, contemporary design, high-quality materials and atmospheric light functions. An innovative cable technology with bayonet joint ensures quick and easy installation of all Villeroy & Boch flush plates. A dual-flush for the flush plates means that ViConnect actively helps to save water. The flush volume is set by default to 3/6 litres per flush with the option of being reduced to an economical 3/4.5 litres.

All ViConnect installation systems are checked regularly in internal tests and their standard is certified by independent institutes. Villeroy & Boch also provides a 25-year availability guarantee for replacement parts. Villeroy & Boch offers its customers personal service support from its Service and After-Sales team for ViConnect.

Elegant sink mixer
VitrA introduced the dual flow sink mixer which lets the users have convenient access to fresh tap water and purified drinking water through the same faucet. The technology used is of two separate channels that don’t let the mains and purified water to come in contact.

With its modern design, high rotatable pipe and ergonomic use, Dual Flow Sink Mixer offers unique practicality and ease of use. It connects to a direct line water purifying system hence supplying purified water directly to the faucet allowing the water to be fresh and taste better.

The Dual Flow Sink Mixer stands out with its soft contoured and self-confident appearance. It is very difficult to constantly save water in the kitchen and still have it technologically advanced yet stylish but VitrA makes that possible with its newest addition to the kitchen mixers.

Embellishing the wash basin
Graff, the manufacturer of contemporary kitchen and bath products, launched the MOD+ Collection. The MOD+ collection includes several products with opportunities to mix and match finishes and surfaces for endless versatility. Matching the exuberant designs, the variety offered in MOD+ by Graff is striking. The handle covers are available in exciting colours and finishes, viz. brushed gold, forest green marble, steelnox, smokey white and storm black marble, just to name a few. The brass selection can be further elevated with the application of any of Graff’s eighteen signature finishes.

Each product in the MOD+ collection is fusion of design, talent and technology used to create these masterpieces of impeccable quality. The excellence of geometric meticulousness flowing into the chiselled edge can be seen in the elegant curves of all MOD+ Collection elements. Each product of MOD+ is shaped into a confident stoic body, a design that feels effortless and looks polished.

Most eco-friendly faucets for the kitchen and the bathroom are equipped with aerators that reduce the water-flow. Some shower systems controlled by a touch-panel offer the possibility of a light water-saving shower rain
Maurizio Meloda, Technical & Operations Director, GRAFF India

Each design element is important, as bathrooms are viewed as stylish and tranquil oases that offer wellness, relaxation, personal time as well as superior hygiene.
Serhan Ates Yagiz, India Country Manager, VitrA

Rainfinity is a shower to envelop the entire body from head to toe in water, but thanks to the innovative wall connection, the head can also be protected from the spray.
Gaurav Malhotra, Managing Director, Hansgrohe India


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