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Classic feel with hybrid engineered flooring

Classic feel with hybrid engineered flooring

When you want to do up your new home or renovate and refurbish your present residence, one very important aspect to be kept in mind is the flooring. It is not just from the angle of beauty that you must consider it, though it is an aspect of general décor. One must consider wear-worthiness, durability, water-resistance and much more. Suppose that you change or upgrade your home after a few years: do you have an option that is easy to lift up and re-lay? There are several excellent reasons to choose Xylos’s hybrid engineered flooring: you get the classic good looks of wood, along with several unique features that ensure “peace of mind”. Your dream home, or a multi-starred hotel, or a fine-dine restaurant deserve only the very best in terms of décor and user-friendly flooring. Our hybrid flooring will transform your home like never before with this amazing new material: its beauty and durability “par excellence”.
Xylos’s hybrid engineered flooring is your perfect “problem solver” when it comes to all those doubts, queries and problems as you choose the flooring for a home, or the hospitality industry. Naturally many discerning and well-travelled people enjoy the luxurious look and unique personal characteristics of wood. They want eye-catching, elegant, yet durable and easy-to-install flooring. But wood, with all its natural beauty has many drawbacks. So, when choosing one’s flooring, one has to consider a number of variables. In tropical climates like ours, extremely hot or hot-humid conditions give way to monsoon downpours. Wood is a “living material” that is affected by fluctuations in humidity and temperature, causing it to either shrink or swell. Hardwood flooring is elegant but difficult to install and maintain. Hence Xylos came up with this nifty solution, so that you can get the charm and sophistication of wood without all the hassles.

You may well ask: “What is the difference between engineered wood and Xylos’s hybrid engineered flooring?”All engineered wood from Xylos is a huge advancement in the flooring industry, giving one a man-made material that is water and scratch resistant, with the great looks of solid wood in designs like ‘herringbone’ , ‘chevron’ or ‘palace diamond’. Hybrid flooring is much better. Our hybrid flooring is a next generation innovation that is the perfect solution to your flooring needs. It is a revolutionary concept and product, far superior to the engineered wood floorings available in the market today.

Xylos’s hybrid engineered flooring consists of the perfect blend of sliced solid wood with a UV coating and a “wear layer” that makes it water-and-scratch proof. Additionally, it has a tough and strong hybrid core with a special mix of limestone and polypropelene with a backing layer. The core is a uniquely formulated hybrid to make it fire-and-termite resistant and stable under different weather conditions. This new technology is available in seven exciting shades, from oak to Hickory, to match your décor. Our unique product lets you enjoy the beautifully textured grains of solid wood, without the actual hassles of a wooden floor. Our hybrid flooring is made with precision with a proprietary technique that is perfect for high-end homes, hotels and restaurants, being both elegant and extremely durable.

These slim, tough planks can be easily laid over existing floors. When you wish to reconfigure your home décor, or move to another location, one can easily uplift and re-lay them without any trouble. This is innovation for the future, that you can avail of today and enjoy forever.

Authored by:
Chirag Shah,
Head of Operations,
Xylos, India


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