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Beautiful Bath Spaces with Kohler

Beautiful Bath  Spaces with Kohler

Kohler makes way for creating beautiful bath spaces keeping in mind different personality traits and themes

Bathrooms witness scores of emotions – vulnerability, confidence, rage, cheerfulness, pride. It’s that one place in our home – possibly our most personal space and our comfort zone – where we can be in touch with ourselves.

Bathrooms Based on Personality Type
One may have not pondered on this before, but truth be told, intentionally or unintentionally, we match our bathroom to our personality. From the colours, artwork and design, here are some ideas how:

The Extrovert: Expect the unexpected from this person. Making impactful and bold statements even through his bathroom design choices is always on his mind. Be it some unique and complex sanitary ware items or a strong, unconventional hue and pattern on the walls – he does indeed think out of the box. With his profound individuality, committed to taking more creative risks with his personal style, the person should definitely explore the Dutchmaster from Kohler.

The Introvert: Everything goes with a minimalistic approach for this person. He washes away the idea of any over-the-top patterns, designs or textures, and goes for neat interiors. The person expresses through well-ordered manifestations in materials, patterns and choice of colours which are controlled in esthetics. Mica, having Porcelain-like thinness or Reve that symbolizes a minimal form can be explored to exude utmost elegance and is the perfect match for the personality.

The Artist: For this person, adding a little drama to his bathroom is of utmost relevance. He ensures to make ample room for some brilliant artwork along with some personal design touches. One can also easily spot an antique item representing history in his deluxe bath space. The person should check the Artist edition by Kohler to give his bathroom the right balance of artistry and craftsmanship.

The Explorer: He is a traveller and loves to discover places, and quite obviously, his bathroom is an impeccable mix of a nautical or voyage-dominant theme and wooden interiors since the latter is most commonly seen in hotel bathrooms when travelling. If he enjoys camping, trekking and hiking trips, chances are he will opt for a rustic-themed bathroom. Options like brick-shower cubicles and wooden cabinets fit perfectly to match his personality. Interestingly, one can easily find one or more treasured pieces like Marrakesh or Kamala in his bathroom as the explorer in him is fond of collecting a cultural symbol of the places he has been to.

The Nature Lover: Needless to say, he goes for a green theme for his plush bathroom. He has the heart of a gardener who enjoys reaping the benefits of living in the lap of nature every day, and thus, a tiny makeshift rock garden or a miniature waterfall or even an opulent personal rainforest can easily be spotted in his bathroom. Beitou showerhead and faucet will be the perfect fit for the personality.

Thematic Designs for Bathrooms
Modernism continues to blur, stretch and reshape design until it’s both familiar and surprisingly new. It follows, then, that the latest kitchen and bathroom trends aren’t strictly defined: rather than existing in silos, they are woven together into a spectrum.

  • Minimalism: Strikingly simple with an unfettered vision of cohesion, these are the spaces that declutter the mind and provide room to breathe.
  • Monochromatic Minimalism: Simple and Clean
  • Geometric Minimalism: Angular lines and subtle shapes, repetitive, complementary patterns.
  • Geometric Maximalism: Contrasting designs that exist in harmony

KOHLER – Transforming bathrooms into aesthetically pleasing spaces
Kohler’s new range Colours by KOHLER: India Palette is about re-inventing bath space with the magic of global hues that are Indian at heart. The collection has been designed to re-invent the world of bath space with shades and strokes that trace their roots to the quintessential culture and ethos of India.
Peacock Vessel with Rose Gold faucet: The warmth of Rose Gold meets with the splendor of Peacock. Rose Gold is a flawless Finish with a touch of charming luxury. Peacock is stirringly Indian in nature, yet vibrantly global in spirit. Evolve your bath spaces evocatively as the tantalizing Teal of Peacock complements the romantic elegance of Rose Gold perfectly. KOHLER has composed single control side mount tall basin faucet, Lynk pneumatic faceplate alongside a Modern Life wall-hung toilet with Quiet-Close seat cover in peacock.
Thunder Grey Vessel with Brushed Nickel faucet: The vibrancy of Brushed Nickel dissolves naturally into the mystical serenity of Thunder Grey. Brushed Nickel Finish is all about classic warmth. Thunder Grey embodies the smoldering magic of Indian summer storms. Together, they transform your bath ambience with the irresistible calm of an inescapable storm.
Truffle vessel with French Gold Faucet: The subtle turn of Truffle plays out a timeless duet with the rich look of French Gold. French Gold Finish adds charm and class to subtle surroundings. The warm charisma of Truffle is quintessentially Indian, yet as contemporary as your world. Together, they add romance and opulence to your bath environment in equal measure. Kohler have Hone Tall single-control basin faucet in French gold, Forefront vessel basin without faucet hole in truffle and Bevel French gold faceplate for Modern Life wall-hung toilet with Quiet Close seat cover.

Innovation and Comfort
As space becomes more and more premium, there is a huge market for compact shapes and at Kohler the designs are made keeping this requirement in mind across all price segments.
Even though in entry level products, the designs are ergonomically design for maximum utilization of space and comfort seating.
Performance and Hygiene are two factors which are catered by Kohler products. The company follows very strict ASME testing standards for flushing and paramount quality standards that remain consistent across the portfolio of toilets. Even with 2/4L flushing Kohler toiler provides performance flushing making them suitable for Green Buildings. Other use 3/6 L of water for Flushing. Kohler also has patio urinals which use 0/0.5 lts of water for flushing.
GermShield™ is an innovative technology where Silver Ions, along with an anti-microbial compound are infused in the glaze of the toilet which gives it life long protection against widest spectrum of microbes. This makes the toilet more hygienic to use as it inhibits the growth of microbes.


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