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Roofing ideas for airport design

Enhancing visual appeal, roofing helps to maintain the sustainable features in the external appearance of buildings. Roofing enhances the visual appeal of a building therefore plays a significant role in any structure. Manufacturers of roofing products and architects are trying to convey innovative designs and as also hold on to sustainable features when it comes

Mitigate fire damage with LGF smoke ventilation

Natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilation (NSHEV) improves the door safety condition in case of fire inside of building. Main risks during fire In the event of fire inside of a building, smoke and heat, gases rise in the building, creating a layer of dangerous gases under the ceiling which fill up the room in

Faisal Roofing a pioneer in structure durability

With the passage of time, roofing technology in India has been evolving. The use of best-in-class materials of construction, trendy techniques of assembly and fastening, value additions to enhance functionality, aesthetics & safety, scientific precautions taken for heat dissipation and ventilation to enhance comfort and productivity, ruggedness to withstand the weather vagaries, quality and durability