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Correct application of construction chemicals to solve problems

“I believe in a future where we interact with our clients, not solely as a supplier, but also as a technical service partners,” says Sunny Surlaker, Head – Admixtures Division, MC-Bauchemie (India)
MC-Bauchemie is one of the leading names in construction chemicals. For the past 25 years, the company has been focusing on the high-tech, high-quality products. In n conversation with ACE Update, Sunny Surlaker shares MC-Bauchemie is working to tap the large infrastructure market.
Adding growth to MC-BauchemieAs the awareness of correct usage of construction chemicals and the market size increases, MC-Bauchemie expects to grow. Also, there is a focus on sustainability and durability, which is a hallmark of its construction chemicals systems. This focus and its ending dedication to technical solutions will help MC-Bauchemie grow and add value to it in India’s fast-growing scenario.
X-FactorsIn the present scenario, construction chemicals are used in virtually every top tier construction segment like industrial, infrastructure and urban building construction. So the market and growth potential for MC-Bauchemie is tremendous. However, the focus among end users has been exclusively on specific materials, prices and guarantees. Also, more often than not, material and applicator capabilities are overestimated, without recourse to sound civil engineering principles, or credentials of the applicators, which may prove detrimental to the structures. These factors move away from “performance criteria” of the materials.
However, MC-Bauchemie estimates that as the trends shift to increasing awareness, these limiting competitive factors will dissolve and focus would only rest on correct application of construction chemicals to solve problems.
MC-Bauchemie and construction chemicals marketWith the growth in construction, the market slowdown is receding and the future outlook for the industry and MC-Bauchemie looks extremely positive. MC-Bauchemie focuses on the high-tech, high-quality range of products. It solves problems and provides systems through free technical assistance. It doesn’t do a lot of training for engineers as well as its clients, which build effective technical partnerships for long-lasting solutions. The company continuously goes in for innovations and new developments. It caters to the quality conscious segment of the market and not the price-sensitive segment because it never lets itself forget the MC-Bauchemie has a worldwide reputation to keep. Its focus was and will always be technical. With this approach, its customers keep coming back to it. MC-Bauchemie visualizes all round success. Mr Surlaker believes in a future where it interacts with its clients, not solely as a supplier, but also as a technical service partners.
MC-Bauchemie plans to achieve this and expand the awareness drive by means of its training centre and laboratory in Goa for maximum positive interaction with its customers.
MC-Bauchemie and competitorsIts success and differentiation is based on innovation, competence and service. These are the foundations for MC’s quality and international market reputation. New ideas, products and technologies emphasised and developed by MC have set the standards in many key areas. MC-Bauchemie invests 10 per cent of manpower and resources in R&D, by virtue of being collaborated.
Its range of products include full spectrum of admixtures including PCE`S for HPC and SCC, full systems for waterproofing, injections, repairs, rehabilitation, protection and industrial flooring. It also specialises in low-pore-volume coatings for drinking and wastewater industry, and systems for renovation of heritage monuments, called Oxal. Its product systems are ReACh certified, solvent free and green.
Having an extensive range for today’s construction, along with its German technical backup, extensive experience in India helps address its customers’ construction dilemmas and help MC-Bauchemie tap the large infrastructure market.


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