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Cuirass Steel Door – UV protected and highly secure

Cuirass Steel Door – UV protected and highly secure

It’s been estimated that human beings spend more than 90 per cent of their life indoors in the modern world. These indoor spaces could be workplaces, houses, educational institutions or any kind of brick and mortar structure. Within their four walls, people sleep, eat, share warm moments, families raise their children, keep their wealth, business houses do their share of chores every day. Here a basic question arises, how safe and secure is one inside an indoor structure? Is one really protected behind those closed doors?

Since 2005, Cuirass manufactures superior quality steel doors. And the products redefined the steel door manufacturing industry obtaining the trust of domestic, corporate and public sector customers alike. Today, Cuirass is known as the forerunner of transformation from conventional wooden doors to innovative steel doors across segments by way of implementing cutting-edge technology and high-end security locking systems.

The scarcity of wood and similar raw-materials coupled with demand for secured houses in modern busy life style inspired Cuirass to go forward and provide right door solutions. Cuirass claims to be the first metal door to be crafted from anti-corrosion treated steel and made of galvanised iron of international quality.

What makes Cuirass doors different from others is its unique anti-theft locking system. The reinforced door hinges and the door viewer gives a clear and vast view of the surroundings to ensure maximum security.The multi-layer strengthened plate of lockset is characterised by impact resistance and breaking resistance.

All Cuirass doors are installed by the highly trained professionals. Each single part of the door is installed with utmost precision. All doors come along with the frame, Stainless steel hinges and high security lock with five set of keys. When the door is locked at one place, with the application of highly advanced technology, it will be simultaneously multi-locked at nine other places. These locks won’t even open with duplicate keys offering ultimate security.

Currently, Cuirass boasts more than 100 outlets in South India and expanding their presence PAN India and abroad. The dedicated team of technicians and marketing professionals ensure proper product knowledge to the customers;prompt after-sale support and benefits of well-knit marketing network. Cuirass is committed to provide their customers a safe and premium life style with proper support at areas spanning from metro cities to small towns and villages.

Along with security and peace of mind Cuirass gives their customers a wide choice of designs and colours. All their products offer great aesthetic appeal. The high quality laminated designs give the looks of fine quality wood. The products are 20 to 50 per cent less expensive than normal wooden doors. All Cuirass doors are UV protected and highly durable. Cuirass look forward to the future and ready to surge with innovative ideas and wider product range. Aiming this, the company is currently establishing new manufacturing units, a research and development wing and planning to add more personnel to its talented technical team.

Cuirass aggressively accelerates its momentum with diversified ideas to match with the ever changing demands of its customers.

For more details, visit www.cuirassdoors.com


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