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Elematic launches new technology levels to Acotec partition wall production lines

Fast, profitable and high-quality technology for light non-load bearing partition wall panels

Elematic, one of the world-leading manufacturers of precast concrete plants and production lines, launches new technology level choices to their Acotec wall production lines. Acotec line is meant for manufacturing of light, non-load bearing, room-high precast partition wall panels. The new technology levels are called SEMI, PRO and EDGE, and they differ by the degree of automation and capacity as well as the required investment size. All lines are quick and simple to install, run and maintain and require only very limited land area.

Elematic Acotec production lines for light, non-load bearing, room-high precast partition wall panels cover the entire production process from concrete batching all the way to storage yard management and beyond.  They are all automated and very reliable as they consist of proven, standard components.

Three technology levels: SEMI, PRO and EDGE
The new technology levels are launched in order to meet the varying customer needs.  The SEMI line, with a production capacity of 80 m2 per hour, is the simplest of them all and is an excellent choice for anyone starting up in the business. It features a smart combined restacker handler and automation only for the key processes. The PRO line offers a higher capacity of 100 sq.m. per hour with automated functions for all main processes: sawing, trimming, stacking, restacking, cleaning and oiling, plate handling and pallet circulation. The fully-automatic Acotec EDGE offers a top-rate capacity of 120 sq.m. per hour and needs only two operators to run.

All the lines – SEMI, PRO and EDGE – feature a new advanced production control system. Thanks to the system, a simple, modern user interface shows detailed data on every function in the whole process. Various reports –on production rate, running hours and more – are generated automatically. Modular structure of the lines and their integrated electricity with ETHERCAT bus system guarantee short installation and start up time of all lines, and the line can also be installed in existing production facilities.  The production process is environmentally friendly as it is silent and non-vibrating, and the raw material can be recycled so no waste is created. Low energy consumption of the line keeps the production costs on a low level as well.

Benefits of Acotec wall panels
The Acotec wall panels are fast, easy and safe to install – building work proceeds up to 6 times faster when compared with traditional brickwork and even two times faster than blockwork. The panels have exact dimensions and completely even surface so no plastering is needed. In addition, their thin structure leaves more floor space for other purposes in a building. Despite the thinness, Acotec walls are strong and successfully used in seismic areas, too. They suit for a wide variety of purposes such as bath rooms, kitchens and showers, thanks to the moisture resistance of the material. Acotec walls also offer excellent sound insulation, meaning that apartment buildings, schools and hotels benefit from this type of partition walls.


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