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Safintra launches clamps and brackets for roofing

Safintra launches clamps and brackets for roofing

Safintra launches S-5! clamps and brackets for attachment of other components to the roofs easily without damaging the roof. These are a special range of innovative products which are most important as they avoid leakages and ensure longevity of roof.

Roofing requires attaching a lot of accessories along with the main roof. S-5! clamps are exclusively engineered for attaching all kinds of rooftop accessories like solar panels, signs, walkways, satellite dishes, antennas, rooftop lighting and lightning protection systems. S-5! clamps allow installation of accessories such as solar panels without perforating the metal roof. This saves the roof from getting damaged.

• Enclosures used for the profile allow a tight fit and provides increased holding strength for the profile.
• These are non-penetrating clamps for concealed fix systems which attach to the roof panel by tightening of bullet nosed setscrews against the seam.
• S-5! clamps are made from high tensile aluminium and non-ferrous stainless steel hardware which makes them strong and sturdy.
• These clamps improve wind uplift performance and can also provide double wind resistance at a trifling cost.

The new product is suitable for architects who want to come up with new and creative designs. No more drilling and inserting in the roofs as S-5! clamps are to the rescue. These make it possible to explore different designs without worrying about the limitation imposed due to the lack of good attachment equipment.


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