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K-Lite luminaries: high luminous efficiency and long life

K-Lite luminaries: high luminous efficiency and long life

K-Lite’s efficient and cost-effective LED bollards with rotationally symmetrical illumination are perfect for ground surfaces. The photometric design of these luminaries is based on LED integrated with K-Lite’s precision rector module. Consistent implementation of new technological developments combined with the highest technical and structural quality has resulted in these state-of-the-art luminaries. These luminaries are characterised by their high luminous efficiency, extremely long-service life and the uniformity of the degree of luminance. These luminaries are available in Ø100 and Ø166, three different heights to suit the installation site. Their sturdy construction makes them especially suitable for areas in which considerable robustness is required to ensure vandal-proof service.

K-Lite luminaries can be used for the illumination of footpaths, entrance areas, driveway, private and public areas.

K-Lite advantage
The biggest advantages of K-Lite luminaries are:
Extruded aluminium alloy housing through homogenisation for durability and thermal management
Stainless steel hardware used for long life and ease of maintenance
Silicon EPDM gasket used for IP ratings and conforming to the safety and reliability requirements of the products
UV stabilised, non-yellowing polycarbonate diffusers for better light transmission, vandal resistant and UV stabilisation
Finished with 60-micron thick polyester-based powder coating for uniform deposition and excellent finish
CREE / OSRAM / NICHIA make LEDs, which are internationally recognised brands with higher lumen output and used for better illumination and longevity.


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