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Kamachi TMT Bars: The soul of steel

“At Kamachi, both the rolling mill and TMT technology have been imported from Germany, and we use patented technology to produce international quality steel,” says Vinod Kothari, Managing Director, Kamachi TMT Bars
Kamachi TMT is one of the finest TMT rebars in the South Indian market. It has played itself to be a clean and green steel product. In an exclusive interview with ACE Update, Vinod Kothari shares how Kamachi has set a benchmark for its TMT rebars.
Kamachi has emerged as one of the market leaders in the steel sector of India. How do you look at the current market status for TMT bars?The market shows promise. Good harvest combined with election spending has kept the sentiments high. As per a recent report in The Economic Times, the Indian stock market has outperformed other nations including the USA and Europe countries.  Moreover, as steps are taken to clear policy logjam, market is expected to revive.
Could you highlight the major growth drivers for this sector? The major drivers are increase in infrastructure financing by the government, affordable housing concepts, and lack of quality infrastructure and its dire need.
What are the products you offer for construction sector?We offer TMT rebars in 8-mm to 40-mm sizes under all grades (Fe 415 to Fe 600, Fe 415s to Fe 550s as well as corrosion-resistant grades).
TMT bars manufacturing process has come a long way. Could you brief us on the advancement in manufacturing steel for construction? TMT rebars manufacturing can be broken down into two: the rolling of the bar itself and the TMT process. Although, there have been improvements in technology selection, there are only a handful manufacturers who can claim to have state-of-the-art technology at both levels. That alone can ensure 100 per cent automation — critical to ensure consistency across the entire production.
At Kamachi, both the rolling mill and TMT technology have been imported from Germany, and we use patented technology to produce international quality steel.
What are the innovative technologies you have adopted in your manufacturing process?Our state-of-the-art technology selection includes an integrated plant which controls the entire production lifecycle.
What is the SKU you maintain? Do you have enough capacity to meet increased demand?With a production capacity of over 41,000 tonnes per month, we maintain minimum 12,000 tonnes stock at any given point of time. The high-speed mill coupled with raw material support from billets to sponge iron and power available in the same integrated unit, the capacity can be scaled to meet any increase in demand.
Enlighten us about your expansion plans.The second phase of the mill will produce wire rods and introduction of arc furnaces to venture in to automotive segments. A 100 mw thermal power plant and upgrading all other group units to Thermex TMT technology (partially completed) is also in progress.
German rolling mill with facilities include:• Hot charging of billets• Automated online induction heating• Pressurised de-scaler• Horizontal and vertical stands combination• Straight mill with level-2 automation• Unique slit technology• 72-metre cooling bed at 5-metre elevation for better cooling efficiency• Automated slitting, packing, counting and bundling.


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