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Lighting trends for Diwali 2020

Lighting trends for Diwali 2020

Automation can also aid in developing multiple scenes for a house where the decorative lights can serve a dual purpose by working as mood lighting and functional lighting.

Diwali is the most awaited Indian festival, the preparation and the excitement that goes with the festive season is ethereal. And specifically after the nerve-racking lockdown period, this is the best time to invest and play with the overall setup of the house and intensify the living spaces with a whole new spirit to welcome Goddess Lakshmi.

With the trending lighting trends, one may transform the vistas of their houses completely. Each space of the house can achieve a unique ambience with customised lamps and lighting fixtures, pendants, wall scones and more. Automation can also aid in developing multiple scenes for a house where the decorative lights can serve a dual purpose, by working as mood lighting and functional lighting, both.

Lighting serves as a USP for the projects designed by Ar. Sumit Dhawan, Founder and Principal Architect of Cityspace’ 82 Architects, Gurugram. With his brilliant sensibilities, Sumit ensures that the lighting used in his projects intensify the design language for the overall aesthetics. He has been a forerunner in residential and commercial design across India. Sumit experiments and innovates his projects with numerous design styles and delivers impeccable intricate spectacles. Following are certain instances of techniques and lighting systems used by Cityspace’ 82 Architects in various projects that can be used to accentuate the look and feel of your house too:

The Illuminati, a splendid milestone located in the hustle and clamour of Gurugram is one of the extremely distinct projects by Cityspace’ 82 Architects. The client’s brief was quite candid for this stunning synthesis where he desired a home that reflected minimalism at its absolute best while converging with the sky. The notion was to design a house with robust attributes and voluminous light-filled living spaces including comfortable reading nooks and unique indoor/outdoor seating areas. The convergence of the building with the sky was achieved by the use of Fibre Optics lighting integrated with the white painted wall on the front facade which grants it a glistening effect of twinkling stars with different intensities with automation. In fact, this sumptuous residence becomes the first one in India to confer onto fibre optics being used in the facade. The house unveils two scenes where on the days of festivals or parties the complete house can be lit with planter lights, fibre optics, lights from art installations via a single control. The lighting for this project is done by Lightbook.


In another project called The Centaurus, Ar. Sumit Dhawan manifests a rich yet contemporary theme, exhilarating surprise elements through numerous idiosyncratic lighting elements. The prepossessing double-height entrance lobby acquires tantalizing globe pendants. The dining area consists of a vibrant lighting element with an array of globe pendants dangling over the centre of the dining table. The living room serves as an astronomical corollary of grace with a semi-circular arrangement of globe lights.

The guest bedroom acquires an exclusive geometrical lighting installation dangling from the ceiling which forms to be the focal facet. The painstakingly designed kids room is another space to vouch for. The art installation on the headwall here accentuates the aesthetics of the room and at the same time works as a source of dimmable light at the night time for the kids. The master bedroom constitutes of an idiosyncratic lighting element with an undulating array of globe lights which kindles along the seating area. The lighting consultant for this project is Lumenatix.

Embrace the festivities and get some amazing and trendy lighting fixtures for your house. Automated lighting systems can also be game-changer for your habitat.


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