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Nirali BG Sinks offers a user centric design suited for the kitchens of India

Nirali BG Sinks offers a user centric design suited for the kitchens of India

Nirali BG has one of the widest range of sinks designed keeping in mind the different requirements of your kitchen.

Nirali BG Sinks – Combining durability with aesthetics
Durability and aesthetics as also utility are both very important features for any product to be successful. At Nirali BG we understand this statistic, our R&D team maintains a consistent focus on these factors while addressing the changing needs of the customer. Nirali BG Sinks are manufactured from Stainless Steel AISI 304 18/8 grade with thickness ranging between 1mm to 1.5mm, this material is the most ideal for kitchen sinks and maintains the durability of the product for years to come. Finishes improve the aesthetics of the product. We provide four different finishing options, glossy, satin, hairline satin & anti-scratch. The anti-scratch finish is designed to prevent scratches which occur due to daily usage thereby retaining its immaculate appearance for years.

User centric design
Providing quality products has always been Nirali BG’s forte. With an experience of over three decades, the brand motto has always centred on offering superior quality products perfected to suit varied user tastes. If you see our product range, Nirali BG has one of the widest range of sinks which have been developed and designed over the span of three decades with an in-depth understanding of the Indian market and every range has its own different characteristics to suit different needs of the customers.

The silent square range, this range has a special coating below the sink bowls which helps it to reduce the vibrations from water and offset the resulting sound. Then we have the D’signo range, which has various combinations of design, like a corner sink to ensure optimum utilization of the available space. The Expell range, one of our premium range products, offers a beautiful design, not to mention the utility. The EXA sink in Expell range, a two bowl sink, which can be completely covered with three lids, the flexible design allows it to be used as a platform and also to cover the vessels and soon.

Aiding Hygiene
Considering the utility of a kitchen sink right from washing vessels to washing vegetables and fruits, it can become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. Hence keeping it clean is of utmost importance, especially in today’s times.

The chief material used in designing Nirali BG sinks is stainless steel. Steel is not only sturdy, long lasting, very easy to maintain; it is also easy to keep it clean. Additionally keeping the factor of hygiene in mind Nirali BG sinks have been designed with radius corners, which ensure no dirt remains stuck to the corners. Additionally the base of the sinks is slightly tapered which helps the water to drain out easily. This ensures there is no water clogging, and helps in maintaining the cleanliness. Some conventional sinks have perpendicular corners, which give ample of scope for germs to flourish. Thus, Nirali BG sinks are engineered with an excellent R&D process and workmanship, which help maintain your hygiene levels not just today but forever.

Authored By:
Sarang Gada,
Managing Director,
Jyoti Kitchen industries Pvt. Ltd


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