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Optimising visibility and maximising occupant productivity

Optimising visibility and maximising occupant productivity

Syed Hidayath Ali speaks on their unique approach to HVAC zone controls, Dynamic Airflow Balancing, TM employs IoT design philosophy and cloud computing resources.

Can you give us a brief overview of 75F and the AI usage trends in Indian logistics?

75F is the world’s most advanced and widely adopted Internet of Thingsbased building management system. It is a holistic, vertically integrated solution that is less expensive and easy to implement than any other system available in the market. 75F was established in 2012 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in the United States, and it commenced operations in India in August of 2016. We offer Data-driven proactive building intelligence and HVAC control leveraging IoT, Cloud Computing, and Machine Learning. Our goal is to maximise occupant productivity by enhancing comfort and IAQ without negatively impacting the environment.

To optimise indoor and outdoor air, what steps does 75F take?

Our unique approach to HVAC zone controls, Dynamic Airflow Balancing TM employs IoT design philosophy and cloud computing resources. The corporate solution achieves what was previously considered theoretically impossible: continuous commissioning or optimal air balance. Our comprehensive selection of intelligent sensors empowers building owners with IoT-enabled devices for optimal efficiency and comfort in vital areas. It continuously monitors the building and equipment and provides data and visibility to enhance productivity, comfort, efficiency, and well-being. The Occupant app permits remote management of the office’s lights and temperature.

Elucidate on Dynamic Chilled Water Balancing?

The 75F Dynamic Chilled Water Balancing Application optimises energy efficiency, occupant comfort, and equipment life by regulating chilled water usage in AHUs. Dynamic Chilled Water Balancing reduces the overall energy consumption of buildings by 10 to 35% by providing building operators with real-time visibility into inlet and outlet temperatures, chilled water flow rate, and BTU energy consumption across the line. Sensors and controls in each zone optimise the flow of chilled water and air, interacting wirelessly with the central control unit and internet gateway.

For making buildings more efficient, what sensors and devices do 75F use?

Building managers may track occupant behaviours and the environmental factors necessary for them to thrive using 75F’s real-time data analysis platform, combining
the power of IoT, ML, and cloud computing. Additionally, cloud computing eliminates the need for the major capital investment required by traditional data systems, which is advantageous for the budget conscious Indian market. Our extensive collection of intelligent sensors empowers building owners with IoT-enabled devices for maximum efficiency and comfort in critical areas. It continuously monitors and gives data and visibility throughout the building and its equipment to enhance the occupants’ efficiency, comfort, productivity, and well-being. The Occupant app enables remote control of the office’s lights and temperature.

Apart from smart sensors, we offer the following devices exclusively:

• Helio Node: With sensors for occupancy and air quality, Helio Node is a multi-purpose equipment controller. To deliver the speedy and error-free installation and commissioning for which 75F is recognised, it incorporates a simple ring shut for one-handed installation and a fourbutton LCD screen.

• Hyperstat: One of the world’s most advanced thermostats and humidistats, the Hyperstat has eight inbuilt IAQ sensors for hyperlocalised control. Its dual set point
control and sequences generate energy-efficient environments and ideal building health with realtime knowledge. The user can easily access zone schedules, fan settings,
all available output statuses, and much more.

• Smart Node: The Smart Node is a wireless controller for commercial HVAC terminal equipment that works with almost any brand or equipment. It features eleven
Interface ports and a high-contrast screen to control plant machinery, terminal units, dampers, valves, lighting circuits, OEM, and much more.

• Smart Stat: The 75F Smart Stat is a modern all-in-one thermostat, humidistat, and IAQ measuring station. It establishes an internet connection for HVAC equipment so
that it may be securely controlled remotely from any smartphone or other connected device.

• Central Control Unit: The 75F CCU is a modern, practical head-end workstation for real-time insights and control. It works with single and multiple storage systems, fan coil units, air handlers, variable flow hydronic systems, and more. It also features a touch screen user interface.

• Facilisight: Facilisights are web and mobile apps for real-time intelligence and control. It provides comprehensive, intelligent automation that converts data into information, evaluates decisions in real-time, and speeds up decisionmaking while creating portfolios.


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