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Polymer Bonding Agent and Plastering Aid

MC-BondAid Plast, manufactured by MC-Bauchemie (India) Pvt. Ltd., is a polymer-bonding agent for excellent bonding between old and new concrete or plaster.
When using MC-BondAid Plast no hacking is required before plaster application. It gives excellent interfacial bonding between old and new concrete masonry and subsequent layer of plasters. It is non-toxic and can be used for structures in contact with potable water.
“MC-BondAid Plast is easy in application and makes it a labour saving aid. MC-BondAid Plast is more economical than epoxy. It can be used as a bonding coat before guniting,” the manufacturer said. As a bond coat bore commencement of repairs and for bonding of new plaster to old concrete.
Properties of MC-Bondaid Plast • No hacking is required before plaster application• Excellent interfacial bonding between old and new concrete• Excellent bonding between masonry and subsequent layer of plasters• Non-toxic can be used with potable water• More economical than epoxy• Increases bonding and tensile strengths• Lowers the permeability and chloride ingress.
MC-BondAid Plast gives excellent bonding characteristics on account of its inherent polymerisation. MC-BondAid Plast is a non-ionic polymer liquid, which when applied on concrete or masonry, develops a polymer bonding membrane which exhibits excellent bonding properties and secures a permanent bonding of new concrete or plaster.
How to applyMC-BondAid Plast is supplied in ready to use form and no further dilution with water is recommended at site. Before application of MC-BondAid Plast wash the surface and allow it to dry. After drying the surface apply MC-BondAid Plast with the help of a brush or spray. The application of MC-BondAid Plast should be one coat. Care should be taken that no area remains without application of MC-BondAid Plast. The application of fresh concrete or plaster over MC-Bond Aid Plast applied surface should be wet.  Waiting period is approximately 60 to 90 minutes. The approximate consumption of MC-BondAid Plast is 8 to 10 sq.m. per kg on fairly non-absorbent surfaces.
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