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Ramco Industries: A leading building materials manufacturer in South Asia

Ramco Industries: A leading building materials manufacturer in South Asia

Ramco Industries Limited is part of the US$ One billion ‘Ramco Group’ with interests in cement, fiber cement sheets, dry walls & ceilings products, cotton yarn, surgical cotton and ERP software. With 12 plants across South Asia and an 8000 strong dealer network, we have been on the forefront of innovation, answering perplexing challenges with definitive solutions,says Prem Shanker, CEO, Ramco Industries Limited.

Ramco Industries Ltd is one of the best performing producers of Fibre Cement Sheets in India and has pioneered and introduced the innovative Calcium Silicate Board, a versatile building material, using Japanese technology from the ‘A&A Materials Corporation’, Japan.

Ramco Hilux boards are composed of a composite matrix of Portland Cement and mineral additives reinforced with special grade cellulose fibers. Hilux Calcium Silicate Boards are fast replacing conventional building materials such as Gypsum Boards, Plywood and Plaster of Paris across the international markets by virtue of their sheer versatility. Ramco Hilux comes with best rated properties which includes fire resistance, water resistance, termite resistance, fungus resistance, acoustics, light weight and easy workability. Several landmark and iconic structures that have stood the test of time bear the Hilux stamp of excellence, signifying stronger, safer and aesthetically appealing buildings.

Ramco also offers Fibre Cement Boards Tiles and Planks – Ramco Hicem, a matrix enhanced fibre cement board with a superior texture, colour and finish compared to any other of its kind in the market. Hicem has superior strength and water resistance properties. Ramco Hicem comes with superior flexural strength which widens its usage in dry wall construction. Apart from regular applications, the board is the ideal choice for heavy impact requirements like school classrooms, hospitals, factories and warehouses.

Ramco now offers new age roofing sheets, Greencor which is a 100% asbestos free cement corrugated sheet manufactured using European technology and with specially developed PVA fibers. These roofing sheets have low thermal conductivity which results in lower conductance of heat or cold. This results in a better living environment, insulated from climatic extremes. Unlike metal roofing sheets, they do not corrode and are unaffected by lightning and electrical power ensuring a safe environment for the occupants. Greencor creates zero noise pollution and ensures a calm and quiet interior.

Ramco Industries also provides 360o support in Green Dry construction through Ramco SmartBuild Solutions by offering design & material consultancy, project execution, site quality assurance and training in dry construction. Ramco Industries: A leading building materials manufacturer in South Asia Now you can read this story online by scanning the QR code


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