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Solution for concrete waterproofing and plasters waterproofing

Solution for concrete waterproofing and plasters waterproofing

Plast-O-Proof is an integral waterproofing compound, ideal for use with both concrete and plasters. It is based on specialised surfactants and synthetic resin which impart superior flow and cohesive properties in concrete and mortars. Use of integral waterproofing compounds in concrete and mortar is one of the precautions taken to achieve a waterproof concrete or plaster.

Concrete and plasters admixed with this compound exhibit advantages like increased durability due to air entrainment, preventing segregation bleed and thereafter honeycombing, and improved surface finish of concrete and plaster. Additionally, attacks by sulphates and chlorides from ground water in coastal areas are well tolerated.

Plast-O-Proof functions in the following manners:
In concrete
It disrupts the capillary network within the concrete mass which could conduct water through concrete. Also, it significantly reduces water demand to bring down W/C ratio in the range of 0.45 which generally represents a sound concrete.

In mortar
It reduces the possibility of shrinkage cracks and improves adhesive and tensile properties of mortar.

A good waterproof concrete or plaster is achieved by good construction practices that entails undertaking the following precautions.
• Proper mix design.
• Selection of good aggregates, sand and cement.
• Adhering to W/C ratio in the range of 0.45.
• Proper mixing, placing and curing.
• Use of a good integral waterproofer.
It is emphasised that integral waterproofer and plastcisers only help in making a good concrete better. Hence observance of good construction practices is of utmost importance for achieving the overall goal.
Directions for use Add Plast-O-Proof in concrete and mortar along with water at the rate of 100 ml per bag of cement, in demanding situations the dosage could be doubled.

Appearance : Dark brown liquid
Sp. Gravity : 1.105 at 20°C
Chlorides : Free from any added chlorides
Sulphates : Free from any added sulphates
Nitrates : Nil
Compatibility: Compatible with all OPC, SRC and Slag cements.

100 ml per 50 kg bag of cement. In demanding situations, dosage could be doubled.

Perma Plast – O – Proof is available in packs of 100 ml, 200 ml, 500 ml, 1 Ltr, 2 Ltr, 5 Ltr, 10 Ltr, 20 Ltr, 25 Ltr, 100 Ltr and 210 Ltr.

For any further information, please visit www.permaindia.in


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