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STP: modern waterproofing in modern world

STP: modern waterproofing in modern world
In primitive days, it was important that every man knew how to provide shelter to his family. A nomadic existence necessitated rapid construction of a protective cover. As men settled into more structured living, skilled craftsmen turned to constructing homes, where the protective cover was the roof.
The development of roofing has propelled the development of new structures needed for an increasingly permanent and stable population. High-rise buildings and increased aesthetics of structures call for a more demanding waterproofing system. We cannot think of a modern building without having an efficient waterproofing system.
Need of waterproofingWaterproofing of structures has always been a highly challenging job to the engineers irrespective of the materials of construction of the structure.
The advantages and need of waterproofing are multipurpose.• Waterproofing enhances the life of building and structure by protecting it from the corrosion of reinforcement and rapture of the concrete as corrosion increases volume of the structure. • Waterproofing adds comfort by stopping seepage and leakages through formation of cracks due to expansion and contraction resulting from variation in temperature.• Waterproofing helps protect interiors and reduce maintenance.• Waterproofing helps in stopping electrifying possibility.• Waterproofing brings comfort to living.
STP is known as the first family of waterproofing in the country and hence it has played its role in the development of waterproofing materials and system.
STP has taken a special focus to develop liquid membrane products. In addition to its liquid membrane products, STP has just launched two new products: TarFelt LM and TarFelt LM Plus.TarFelt LM is a unique elastomeric bituminous liquid membrane coupled with special polymer compounds.
TarFelt LM offers• Seamless and monolithic film• Ease in application and treatment performs efficiently even for any complex shape roof with most difficult contour• High crack bridging property• Totally eco-friendly being water based• Forms a thick impermeable film for efficient waterproofing.
TarFelt LM can be treated as a green product as it is water based and contains no volatile organic compound (VOC).
To upgrade TarFelt LM, STP simultaneously launched TarFelt LM Plus.
TarFelt LM Plus adds the property of thermal insulation to the waterproofing liquid membrane which is super unique in nature.
TarFelt LM has all the properties of waterproofing as stated above along with the thermal insulation property.
Both the products are already made available at STP’s warehouses and as well as with major distributors all over the country.
TarFelt LM and TarFelt LM Plus shall be attractive to all agencies involved in green building promotion as the products saves energy and of no VOC also.
Other liquid membrane from STPSTP would also launch another liquid membrane again as AqueaSeal LM APP, which is polyurethane dispersed water-based liquid membrane. This is again a green, eco-friendly product which will be attractive to all promoters who desire to build Green buildings.
STP introduced its construction chemical products under a technical collaboration with Euclid Chemicals, USA in 1996 with its manufacturing facility in Goa. Today STP has another full-fledged construction chemical plant in Ankleshwar, Gujarat and also has facilities available for manufacturing a number of construction chemical products in Kosi (Near Mathura), Kolkata, Jamshedpur and Chennai.
Allied productsThere are few allied products manufactured by STP and these are the necessary accessories for either surface preparation or subsequent protection or as an intermittent requirement to execute and support an effective waterproofing system.
The products are:STP is also known as pioneer in the field of bitumen-based waterproofing system. Bituminous membrane brought in a major revolution in waterproofing industry. The first roll of membrane was rolled out from the factory of STP Limited over 50 years back with oxidised bitumen and a reinforcement of woven hessian cloth. This product served the field efficiently for over 40 years extensively and still in use under the brand name of Tarfelt.
Thereafter, from the stage of TarFelt STP has taken forward the development of bituminous membrane chronologically. Lately, STP has introduced the advanced membrane like AlkorPlan and AlkorTop: PVC- and TPO-based membrane.
STP’s other accessories relevant to waterproofing with bituminous membrane and common for all kinds of waterproofing.
All STP waterproofing materials can be used over a wide range of waterproofing application from simple to critical areas covering all basement applications, tunnels, water bodies, terraces, podium, roof gardens, landscaping etc.
Its technical experts and sales engineers situated in 25 offices country wide can recommend the optimum and efficient waterproofing system.
The well-spread 20 stock points in the country helps the company reach to customers within 24 to 48 hours irrespective of its location.
Its qualified authorised applicator team is again located in all important towns and can undertake the application of waterproofing system efficiently.


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